I’ve not posted anything for a while. I guess I’ve been more than a little down about all the horrible crap that Karl and his family have been going thru with the loss of Heather. For even tho, Karl and I are no more — they will always feel like my family to me. So, I’ve been upset that there was nothing I could do from here on the west coast. Of course, even if I were still in New England, there would be nothing I could really do to help anyway. It’s just a sad situation.

But, tonight I feel inspired to post because there is new BARBRA PRODUCT in the record stores! Yes, Babs and the once-oh-so-hot-lead-singer/songwriter-of-the-Bee Gees have reunited after 25 years to record a sequel to the 1980 hit LP, “Guilty”
Interestingly, “Guilty” remains Bab’s biggest selling LP/CD of her career. I guess after “Emotion” it is my least favorite record she ever made, but I’ve never been too trusting of things that achieve such mass popularity and, even tho I did play that record till you could see thru it, I was a bit upset that Barbra was doing disco. But, as I recall — the period of 1976 to 1983 was really the only time I was not teased for loving Babs. That was her superstar defining era. …then, she did YENTL. …which was a hit, but not so big with the under 30 set. …and, I was back in the fringe — which I preferred.

However, I do enjoy listening to Guilty from time to time because it is so not “Simply Barbra” — it is Barbra singing along with the Bee Gees and not so worried about perfection. She was more or less working as a singer for hire, so to speak. Yes, she was a Woman In Love and she had nothing to be Guilty of except for selling lots and lots of records. In her afro-brilliance Babs soared with those mellow disco melodies and the belting was kept fairly low key. ….dammit! But, anyway, it was a different sound for my diva of choice.

The new CD, GUILTY PLEASURES, despite the poor cover photo of bared early 60’s shoulder and male pattern baldness — is a pretty good CD! Once again, it is Barbra singing along with the Bee Gees — the lyrics cryptic and none of the obsessive purssuit of perfection in the vocals which makes it sound much more relaxed. And, I make no secret of the fact that I was in love with Andy Gibb. …He was just so damn pretty! Anyway, Babs and Barrys’ tribute to Andy with the re-recording of Andy’s last real hit, “(Our Love) Don’t Throw It All Away” is awesome. The best song is the duet called “Above the Law” — but this is not striving to be the mega-hit of 1980 yore. This is easy listening for Barbra and Bee Gees fans. It will be interesting to see how many of us are out there when the sales post. Before I go to sleep I shall watch the DVD portion of this DualDisc thing/concept. I’ve got my fingers crossed for lots of soft focus, back lighting and discussions on the “process of creating art” — and, of course, a few moments of Barbs pretending that she can’t remember too much of the first recording, etc. All the things I love about Barbra!

Now, can someone please talk her into a new haircut — and outfits that cover her shoulders??!? …and, could we please book a shaving of the head for Barry Gibb. I mean — we all know getting old sucks, but let’s do it with some dignity, people!

God bless, Barbra!

Now, stop making fun of me.

September 20, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. g8s replied:

    Oh my lord, where would we be without you, Matt?

  2. Karyn replied:

    I don’t know… I like her haircut. Kind of like Martha Stewart meets J Lo. If that’s not an image to wreck your sleep, I don’t know what is.

    I even think Gibb looks ok.

    But what do I know; I’m wearing a many years old faded dentyne colored t-shirt over a hateful gymsuit. Stupid gym. So fashionista I clearly am not.


    What album is Woman In Love from? Is that the name of it? My parents listened to Babs all the time when I was little and I absorbed some of it… stupid osmosis….lol…

  3. matt replied:

    g8s — LOL! Well, I doubt you would be any place different, but you might not know that Streisand had a new CD out — with BARRY! And, I know you’ve been waiting…

    Karyn, I don’t know — she’s had that haircut so long I suspect Martha got it from her! LOL! Woman In Love is from the first collaboration with the Bee Gees, “Guilty” — which accounts for 4 of her top ten hits. I am a plethora of useless information!
    Gym did suck, but the outfits could often be rather hot!

  4. Underling replied:

    You see, this is why I love you. You are thoroughly unashamed of your love for Babs.

    Even though I would love to tease you mercilessly about it.


  5. Miss Marisol replied:

    “Guilty” remains Bab’s biggest selling LP/CD of her career???

    Can that be?

  6. snarl71 replied:

    Oh, Matt! I was meant to ask you about that when I called last night! I recalled that the new Babs CD was out and also knew that you’d be running to Virgin (or Borders…or wherever) to pick it up as early on Tuesday as possible.

    Glad you enjoy it.

    And the flowers you and your mother (and brother!!?!) sent to the funeral were gorgeous. They were quite prominently displayed next to the casket….simply lovely. Thank you.

  7. Jon replied:

    I have this desire to watch ‘The Nanny’ all of a sudden- which I think is on Lifetime in a few minutes. Must….resist……

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