I really do like the way these shoes look, but they make the most obnoxious sound as I walk. At first I thought they sort of made a “squishy” noise or one of those sounds you sometimes hear from nurses’ shoes. But, no. As I walked thru the office today I realized that, with each step, it sounded as if my Ben Sherman shoes were farting. Not really very cool.

Right now I am listening to the CD soundtrack of Miss. Ross’ 1975 big screen extravaganza of fashion, ambition, Norman Bates and really bad acting, MAHOGANY. But, the music is soooooo velvet smooth with just a hint of the disco to come. And, those kick ass “wah-way” guitars — whatever happened to the mid-70’s “wah” “wah” guitar sound!?!?!? Why have we left it behind?

September 13, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. Jerome Jackson replied:

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  2. g8s replied:

    Shame about shoes like that, isn’t it? My boots broke the other day, and I’ve been wearing a pair of shoes which look cool, but like yours, make a funky sound. Mind sound like something between walking in sneakers on dried liquor, and that 70’s porno sound: “WOCK-a-chick-a-WOCK-a-chick-a-WOCK-a-chick-a…”

  3. Karyn replied:


    Maybe because the rest of the world is Wah-Wahing enough without guitars chiming in?

  4. Miss Marisol replied:

    “Do you know where you’re going to…?”

    Apparently, everyone knows because we can all hear you a’comin’.

  5. Jon replied:

    ewwww- maybe it’s time for a lower fiber shoe diet

  6. laurenbove replied:

    Have you tried oiling the offending clodhoppers? They’re too cute to toss. You have to do something.

    I love that guitar sound. I must say it’s missing from the modern world of music. I’d also say that a revival is in order. anyone want to start a band? I’ve got keyboards (me) and bass (Joe.)

    My noisy shoes are also sneaks and they only make noise when wet.

    Skreet, skreet, skreet, skreet…and so on.

  7. GrooveTheory replied:

    Ok, here’s a fashion tip. If it’s inside, then you have to get a cushion or gel, or something. If it’s on the sole … grab any hairspray with extra super hold and spray the sole.

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