The following is a cut/paste from an email my brother, Roy Stanfield, sent out to some of his friends/family. This is his latest show. So, if you’re in the NYC area and want to check it out — please do. Oh, and if you do, take a picture (if it is allowed) and send to me — or, let me know what you think! I wish I could be there.

Here is the info from the artiste:

I’ve got a show in the project space at
SculptureCenter. It opens Saturday, September 10th,
4-6pm. If you are in town, and don’t have to work,
please come by and say hello.

If I seem a little freaked out that day – don’t worry
– that is just my
oh-my-god-I’ve-got-to-survive-this-opening face.
Maybe one of you could lead me through some breathing

The SculptureCenter is near PS1 in Queens. 44-19
Purves St.
Here is a link for directions:



    I failed to mention that the show runs thru to November.

    ..and this is what I found written about Roy’s work on the www: (sorry, not sure who wrote it but it was on a NYC Art Site)

    Roy Stanfield is drawn to transitional spaces: castaway materials on forgotten rooftops, deserted skateboard ramps, or lifted pages from glossy magazines. For the artist, these spaces contain the vitality of lived experience and the entropy of economic malfunctions, and he uses trophy-objects to carry the energy and contradictions of these spaces into the gallery context. At SculptureCenter, the artist reverses his process by considering the basement exhibition space as a transitional space, caught between a place of imagination and one of abandonment, and he puts the site itself on view through a sculptural installation made entirely of Plexiglas. Untitled (plexi) (all works 2005) consists of a Plexi barrier structure – made of found Plexi pieces, and stained with graffiti mark and discolorations – that partially obstructs the viewer from entering the gallery. Further into the space, Untitled (plug) and 2-7 sticks fully blocks any passage by proposing a Plexi wall with foam plugs, thereby prohibiting access to the remaining part of the gallery. Both constructions act as discreet markers of territory, almost invisible in their transparency, but physically potent in their refusal of the space.

    …I wish I could see it.

    September 10, 2005. Uncategorized.


    1. Miss Marisol replied:

      Do you know how long the showing will be going on? I would like to go see it, but I probably can’t go until the middle of this week.

    2. g8s replied:

      Aw, geez! I wish I had known about this! Even in my sleep-deprived, over-worked state this month, I totally would’ve dragged my ass out to Queens for the opening. I imagine it would’ve been something like this…

      (Closeup of head, camera pulls back to reveal that this is all we can see of Roy, surrounded as he is by adoring art-world types clad in too much black. Camera continues to pull back, and at the edge of the screen, we see two figures, side by side, sipping Cabernet & whispering to each other. As the camera closes in, we hear:)

      M: That must be him. We have to say something.
      G: No! What would we say?
      M: I dunno, but we can’t just down free wine & leave without saying SOMETHING.
      G: Oh, alright. Well, here goes.

      (The two figures attempt a casual, sober swagger toward the artist’s head, but the taller one stumbles over his own feet. The art-world types move aside and stare in disbelief as…)

      G: Umm, hi… Roy, right? Erm… My name is Gates, and this here’s, um, Miss Marisol, and, well, um, y’see, we’re big fans of your brother, Matt. We read his blog avidly, and, well, we just wanted to say hi. Umm, so, hi. Um, nice stuff. So, what was it like growing up with Matt? Must’ve been pretty cool, eh?

      (Dead silence. Somewhere, a pin drops.)

      G: Well, okay, congratulations. We’ll just be over there.


      But really, I do wish we’d known, and we’ll try to get out there this week.

    3. matt replied:

      Miss Marisol — I am an idiot! I didn’t even think of listing out how long the show runs. It goes on thru November — I beieve 11/24/05. If you do go I will be anxious to hear about it. I can’t always located my brother or get him to talk much about his work.

      g8s — LOL! You’re too funny! Gave me a laugh! I am not sure that my brother even looks at my blog much. I know he is aware of it. Anyway, he is a really sweet guy. Very friendly, laid back and not pretentious. …however, he will never create a work that goes with the sofa if you know what I mean. I am still trying to understand the oven full of rocks he created. It got a good amount of attention and I thought it was quite interesting, but my tiny brain had trouble grasping the full-on concept. It was neat, tho! He is quite talented — and, it my understanding that he just did something that has made it to Art Forum magazine. I need to further investigate this.

      Roy just turned 26 on 9/7. …I spoke with him for about 2 minutes to wish him happy birthday. I don’t get to speak to him as much as I wish. Busy artist.

    4. James Stanfield replied:

      aww…you all are best!

    5. James Stanfield replied:

      By the way…growing up with Matt was wonderful! But I will admit to a couple of scars – one in particular being a gag reflex brought on any time I hear that song Total Eclipse of the Heart. I swear, he played that song every morning at 8am for 3 months straight. I remember wondering if he was trying to punish me.

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