…is just what I did when I discovered that I am a size 31 again!!!! YAY!!! I took two pairs of my “work pants” in for alterations. Am having the lady take them in to waist size 32. She wanted to bring them in to a size 31, but I guess the cut would look silly or something. She has warned me that they will still be a bit loose. …but, Kids, one pair was a size 36 and the other a size 34! Progress!!!! So, I ventured into a cool thrift shop. Saw a pair of Calvins for $5 so I tried them on. They were a size 31 and I still had room!!!! WOW! And, then, for the hell of it — I tried on what used to be my “normal” size tshirt, medium. …It fit! YAY! The t-shirt was $2. So, I now have a pair of jeans and a t-shirt that actually fit me!!!! I still need to lose more, but I don’t do the scale thing. However, I have more of a tire than I should. So, I will just continue on as I’ve been continuing!

So, quick inventory: Health. Check. Great friends. Check. Job. Check. Benefits. Check. Losing Weight. Check.

So, at this point the only major thing lacking is romantic love. I don’t think one can really “look” for that. I mean you have to stay “out there” but that sort of love either finds you or it doesn’t. I hope that for all of us — it does or that it has. For when it comes to romantic committment — one can only love and pursue.

But, I’ve got the things that matter! I am sure the other will fall into place.

August 28, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. thomas replied:

    a 31!!!!!!!! you bitch! i seriously hate you now, how can you loose weight when i am only gaining it? i still love you an dall, but this completely taints it 😉

  2. snarl71 replied:

    31? Mattie- that’s WAY too thin for you. I’m a 32/33 and you tell me I’m too thin. Now you’re even smaller than that?

    Congrats on the weight loss – but dont’ go all Karen Carpenter on us. I’d hate to have to watch a Barbie doll re-enactment of your life.

  3. Miss Marisol replied:

    I do the happy dance in your honor!

  4. Handbag replied:

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  5. Karyn replied:

    What in the sweet hell is all this gobblydeguk in your comments section???

    For once (kidding) I agree with Snarl71 – 31 is Seinfeldesque! Way thin, Matty! It’s all that walking. Or the prospect of drinking fish wine. That’d put me off food for a while. Hey. That’s an idea. Think of Fish Wine. …yep, making me gag a little just to think of it.

    I’ll join ya in a little synchronized blog-dancing in the joyful afterglow of recent events!

    You rock! Many Xs, many Os!

  6. matt replied:

    Tommy — Fear not, there is still some belly flesh that still needs to go! However, I think that is the last to go! LOL!

    Karl — My frame is smaller than yours. Tech, I am 5’8.5″ —- so per med charts (which I agree are over the top) state I should be somewhere in the 155 to 165 range. I just “scaled” and I am at 180lbs. I was 28/29 all the way till I was about 29 or so (as you will remember) —- so I think 30 inch waist is probably about right for my frame. And I need to lose the tire. I think 170-ish is the “magic” weight. No need to worry about my getting too thin. LOL! …not with my love of all things chocolate.

    Miss Marisol — Wish you were here or I was there and we would trip the light fantastic!

    Karyn — I don’t know. Blog Comment Spam. I guess I need to figure out how to do that word verification thing to stop it. I am just so clueless with even the most simple HTML stuff.

    However, I just had to hang on to HANDBAG’s SPAM comment because I find it so odd. Yigal Amir/the late Y. Rabin and wholesale purses. …who knew? However, the connection is so clear. It was right infront of us all this time and we just never knew! LOL! Strange ass world.

  7. SME replied:

    Aaahhh, the moment when you can remove your fat pants without unbuttoning them; the finest moment of a person’s life!

    Re love: Chance favours the prepared. Never leave home in sweats.

  8. g8s replied:

    Matt — I’m glad to hear that you’re happy about your weight loss, and also that you’re ignoring the scale, but do be careful about putting too much value on the numbers. A person who’s comfortable with his or her body is way more attractive than a person who is thin.

    And on a lighter note, try to find today’s installment of a comic called “Brevity”. In light of this post, you’ll enjoy it.

  9. laurenbove replied:

    31 is an itty bitty waist! You must look quite buff. I am so jealous as I am in on of the packing it on phases.

    It usually takes a trip to the mall and a glance in those “rear view” mirrors to get me back on track … I guess I’m due =)

  10. Will replied:

    Matt, congratulations on finally turning everything around. I regret your getting away from Boston before we could say hello in person, but I wish you all the best and hope it just gets better and better.

  11. joe replied:

    for a second there, I thought you discovered the fountain of youth.. you’re 31 again! um, that’s if you’re older than 31. wouldn’t want to assume anything.

    but 31, we need some photos. show us your sexy 31. 🙂

  12. matt replied:

    LOL! …well, never said I was ‘sexy’ —- I just lost a bit of weight. Sadly, I look a bit like a bum. None of my pants fit anymore and my shirts are too big! LOL! However, I shall try to get a new pic and a posting up soon!

    And, I promise — I’ve not become obsessed. Off to work! Yay!

  13. adrock2xander replied:

    Hey wadya know ive got a thicker waistline than you have! Im a 32! NOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooo (read: im fat)

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