…because I am now employed! Full time with benefits! Yay! No details on the blog, but like Mary Tyler Moore —- I’m going to make it after all! Yes!

My pal, Milford, took me out on the town tonight to celebrate! We had a great time! We had dinner at a really nice place called PAUL K —- and Milford gave me a gift of a way-cool paperweight and my fave candy from the south!!!

THEN — as a surprise — he treated me to an evening of cabaret at Club Fugazi on Green Street in North Beach! We saw the long-running San Francisco show, STEVE SILVER’S BEACH BLANKET BABYLON!!!! It was really funny and there was quite a bit of talent under those huge hats and 6 foot tall wigs! I guess this show has been running since 1975 at Club Fugazi! …and, it appeared to be close to standing room only tonight!

Please note the Blanket Babylon Chocolates… Yes, kids, I had sugar tonight! But we were celebrating!

…this box contained really good chocolate truffles which I ate as I watched a warped story of Snow White trying to find a straight lover in SF —- she ends up with Elvis.

Big kiss to Milford for creating such a great evening! I had been quite worried, tho. Whenever someone tells me that they are taking me out for a surprise my CARRIE-complex kicks in and visions of silly prom dresses and pig’s blood fill my head! Luckily, no buckets of blood, chanting of “They’re all going to laugh at you” or flinging fem napkins were involved. Just large women in huge headgear belting out great songs! Much fun!

And, tomorrow I will be seeing the premiere of a new bit of theatre, “Mapplethorpe” — a one man show about the infamous art showing of 1990. …or was 1989? Anyway, am psyched to be seeing it! Oh, and ushering at the Post Theatre Thursday night was actually pretty fun. We were given a cool story about a crazy usher and a very upset diva otherwise known as Bebe Newirth (sp?) — all in all — this has been a most excellent week!!! …an undertatement!

Now it is time for sleep!!!

August 27, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. Karyn replied:

    WOOHOO!! WTG Matty! Now email me the scoop on your stellar job!

    Mapplethorpe scares me; I stopped thinking about it after I saw a book with a guy who had … ok, mental defense system is engaged, I can’t remember… a thumb? A Fist? A Screwdriver? Something… up his urethra. It scares the crap out of me!

    Anyway – congrautlations! So happy for you. Glad you had fun, glad you had chocolate.

    Love K

  2. matt replied:

    Karyn — Yeah, actually, I feel somewhat similar regarding some of Maplethorpe’s work. Yet, I do see value in it. However, I LOVE his portraits — he captured moments in faces like few other artists could. Patti Smith was obviously his muse of sorts. And, toward the end of his career I was really drawn to the portraits he took where he had his subjects close their eyes. Usually, this is the first thing I notice about a person, but these photos guided the viewer to look at the faces in a different way.

    Still, the play sucked big time. It was actually about his first gallery opening — so the focus was on those controversial/upsetting pieces and provided no insight into the political scene of that final showing or censorship. So, I did not not enjoy the play at all. Was so happy when it ended. LOL!

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