Wow! I actually enjoyed it! LOL! The SBC arena is fantastic! It is so cool to be able to look out at the bay as the game is played. The boats and yachts go by and there is this great breeze that blows off from the ocean. Tho, it did get quite cold. I was advised to layer — which I did. The fans seemed much more “tamed” than the ones I’ve seen at Red Sox games, but just as passionate. There were over close to 37,000 people there. It really is a beautiful arena with state of the art stuff all over! And, so very clean!!! Palm trees, the bay, sunshine, cool/cold breeze and really good food options. Great place.

Sadly, they lost. I believe the score was 7 to 4.

And, for the record, I did not fall asleep! Tho, I might have said one or two dumb things. LOL! However, I think I now understand the basics of the game! And, of course — as I knew it would be. I had a great time just hanging out with this really cool guy I’ve met. We’ll see what happens with that in time. But, for now I am enjoying it all.

…this is a statue of Willie Mays. I gather he is/was a popular figure in the world of baseball.

…this is statue of someone that I had never heard of, but I love the way that the statue was placed with him throwing the ball out to the bay. …also, he appears to have had a great butt.

…the scoreboard which caused many cries of sorrow at night’s end.

August 25, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. laurenbove replied:

    I think the score was…hahaha! You are too funny, Matt. The piccys were beautiful. The shot of the water behind the stadium was really poetic. …contrasty. Nice.

  2. digitic replied:

    Heh … you ARE funny!

    Willie Mays was one of the best baseball players of all time — and one if SF Giant’s greatest!


    Willie Mays, the “Say Hey Kid,” played with enthusiasm and exuberance while excelling in all phases of the game – hitting for average and power, fielding, throwing and baserunning. His staggering career statistics include 3,283 hits and 660 home runs. The Giants’ superstar earned National League Rookie of the Year honors in 1951 and two MVP awards. He accumulated 12 Gold Gloves, played in a record-tying 24 All-Star games and participated in four World Series. His catch of Vic Wertz’s deep fly in the ’54 Series remains one of baseball’s most memorable moments.

    See it all here:


    Looks like you had an excellent time!

  3. Jon replied:

    Baseball is not my cup of tea- it’s sport that Americans, Cubans and Japanse are obsessed with, but for the most part it’s a bunch of unathletic guys running around and spitting 😛 Not to say that they aren’t some ‘built’ players, but many seem kind of out of shape

  4. matt replied:

    Laurenabove — LOL! …even more sad, I didn’t realize the game had ended. But, I enjoyed it all the same. And what a visual setting they have created with this place! Beautiful!

    Milford — Mr. Mays… Who knew? Now who is the one with great ass pitching the ball out to sea?

    Jon — I understand. I still had a good time. Tho, it may have had more to do with the person who invited me to the game! Great company!

  5. laurenbove replied:

    Matt: I HEAR DAT!!

  6. digitic replied:

    Juan Marichal
    Juan Antonio (Sanchez) Marichal
    The Dominican Dandy

    The pride of both the Dominican Republic and the Giants, Juan Antonio Marichal Sánchez won 243 games and lost only 142 over 16 marvelous seasons. The high-kicking right-hander enjoyed six 20-win seasons, hurled a no-hitter in 1963, and was named to nine All-Star teams. The “Dominican Dandy” twice led the National League in complete games and shutouts, finishing 244 contests during his career, while fanning 2,303 and compiling a 2.89 ERA. After his playing days, Marichal became minister of sports in his homeland.


    Go figure!

  7. matt replied:

    Milford — …but, there was no mention of his fine ass? what’s up with that? surely this counts more than batting averages?!?!? …or, am I being shallow?

  8. g8s replied:

    Matt, you are just T-O-O… Glad you had a great time at the game.

  9. Miss Marisol replied:

    I love that you checked out the statue’s ass. That’s so something I would do.

  10. Karyn replied:

    Ah Matty. Willie Mays. Thank you digitic for bringing Matt up to speed! The stadium is beautiful. And you do look cool, for crissakes, how many of us do you need telling you? Sheesh. 😉

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