I am blessed with a good many friends. In the end, our friends provide us with love, laughter, easy shoulders and a sometimes very much needed kick in the ass — in ways that our ‘traditional family’ members cannot. I used to be able to label one or two people as my “best” friends, but over the course of the past six months I’ve come to realize I have a number of “best” friends.

I live with one. I have another who I’ve only known for a very short time, but who I would trust with my life — and, for whom I would do anything. Another friend who I sometimes think of as my “Fairy Godfather” I even have a few who I’ve never really met (as of late I’ve come to suspect that I must have had a past life in OK because they both live there!) There are two others with whom I’ve worked for a number of years. Tho, a bit complicated — I shared a large portion of my life with someone who despite the understandable “awkwardness” that I sometimes feel — will always be dear friend. I’ve a couple from my wayward youth who opted to stay in Texas. However, there is one person who knows me so well. So well, in fact, that I think she knows me better than I do. We’ve saved each other more than a few times and have seen each other thru some fairly tragic and horrific times as well as shared some very happy ones.

this is me with her…

She has been in the Silicone Valley on a business trip and we’ve been able to hang out for the last two nights. Tonight, we had to say goodbye. I despise “goodbyes” and suck at them. I walked her to her rented car, pushed her into it and ran to the subway station as fast as I could.

Today was a great day for a number of reasons and tonight was such fun. However, saying goodbye was a real bummer. Luckily, I ran into another best friend as I was waiting on the Castro MUNI Station platform feeling down because I know I probably won’t see Beth again for at least a year or so. And, he was able to do what even ABBA could not — he made me feel better with a hug, a smile and a few minutes of chatting.

Anyway, here’s to best friends and the joy they bring to life’s journey!

Oh, and I (yes, that would be me) am going to a baseball game later tonight! …And, I say this with all honesty and no irony — I’m looking forward to it! True, the company plays a major factor in that — but it is always fun to have the chance to share in another person’s love/passion for something. Let’s just hope he doesn’t realize how clueless I am about the game.

…two other good friends. tho, I fear Ms. Jolie may have feelings for me and I would never want to hurt The Bradster!

…Yeah, David’s small.

August 24, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. laurenbove replied:

    You must be a wonderful friend to have such wonderful friends. I’ve had a terrible experience with bitchy mommas and pretty much hid from all friends and emotional ties until recently. I now am making friends again (after 5 years) but am limiting them to anyone that you would NOT see in the kitchen of a Stepford Wife drinking tay.

    I’m much happier and can be myself now.

    Your blog and you (more importantly) seem like a wonderful person. I look forward to visiting your space. Thanks for being so candid.


  2. snarl71 replied:

    Congrats on a great day!

    Wait – YOU…at a baseball game? I think I shall share a little story with your readers:

    Many years ago I received court-side tickets to a Boston Celtics game. I brought Matt along with me and our seats were literally folding chairs on the actual court – just feet behind where the team was sitting.

    Matt’s reaction? He fell asleep. Yes, in an arena with over 30,000 people screaming, Matt dozed off.

    I can’t wait to hear about your baseball experience!

  3. laurenbove replied:

    snicker…great story snarl71. i would be elbowing matt for sleeping space on that folding chair…

  4. Miss Marisol replied:

    I am not what you would call a sports fan. However, I have been to a few Yankees games and had such fun just being outside and drinking expensive cheap beer and getting into the whole thing with a bunch of people I would not normally be around.

    It’s great fun. Especially if you are sharing it with someone….nice. 😉

  5. Karyn replied:

    Love baseball. (Go Sox!) Love Michelangelo. Love my friends. Love you. Love love love it’s all around.

  6. Eddo replied:

    Who is that guy in the picture? It looks like Ryan Brown from the Young and the Restless. I was in a wedding with him once.

    And whoever sculpted David was more obsessed with Abs than anything else it seems.

  7. matt replied:

    Laurenabove — thank you! I just explored your site. It is awesome!

    Karl — thanks! …shut up. LOL!

    Miss Marisol — Yeah, it was a lot of fun!

    Karyn — You’re so sweet to me!

    Eddo — which picture? I only see me and my pal, Beth. ???

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