…who’s yer daddy?

I saw this bit of graffiti from a MUNI bus and had to jump off and snap a picture. I’ve seen this in several places, but this was in a not so great part of the city. Cool to see something of import being scrawled upon public property vs. the normal crap one sees.

So, my phone interview went well. …I think. But, I was filled with angst so I did as I always do — I ran to the movies. I saw a film from Isreal called NINA’S TRAGEDIES. Excellent film. However, the reason I mention it is because as I was watching the second lead character’s mother I was thinking, “Wow! This is silly. She looks far too young to be his mom!” …a few minutes later the audience is told that she is 38.

Yes, I am now old enough to be the father of a 14 year old. For that matter, I think my mother was 33 when I was 14. So, I guess I am really old enough to be the father of a 19 or 20 year old. Being from the south that is even more probable. …sometimes we southerners start up a bit early. Oy! I am getting so damned old! Any minute now — enemas and napping shall become a part of my daily world. And, I don’t mean that in a fun way.

…shift over and give me your seat!

My pal, Vic, tried to get me to meet up with him today — but I felt the need for some “alone” time. So, I ended up going on a long walk which ended with an interesting and delicious meal at some tiny Korean restaurant. I’ve already forgotten the name and I don’t think I ever knew which street I was on. …Old, you know.

Anyway, I wanted the tofu. It looked soooooo good! But the little lady behind the counter said no. She informed me that I was to have something else. I’ve seen so many Korean films I am able to recognize curse words, but not names of food product. A young lady (in line behind me) told me that the lady wanted me to have their grilled eel. ???? So, I said OK. I do enjoy eel, tho I would normally prefer to make my own food selection. However, the little lady was not wrong! It was incredible!!! It was served over hot rice and some form of fraile noodle. All very pretty and served in a sort of bowl made of styrofoam. I also ordered a can of Diet Pepsi — the little lady told me I was to have a bottle of green SoBe tea by pointing with a stern finger. However, I held my ground and insisted on my diet soda. She shook her head and put the soda on the counter. And the way cool part is —– it only cost $7!!!!

That was about 2 hours ago and I still don’t feel sick. I was worried because Korean food tends to have a lot of garlic. I’m allergic. But with the help of the hot girl behind me, the little lady insisted that there was no garlic. The girl told me that she didn’t think they put that on their eel. Everyone here is so friendly, but I think this poor girl was trying to flirt with me.

Hello! I am carrying a pink iPod which was playing “Liza With a Z” as I ordered. Shut up. I like it. …and, anyway, this IS San Francisco. But this poor beautiful thing seemed clueless.

If only I had a straight male friend I could have tried to fix her up. She was quite beautiful. If she was flirting with me, I am quite flattered. She checked on me as I was eating to see if I liked it. It was funny because, before I could say anything, the tiny lady bellowed, “Eel is good!” from behind the counter. We laughed and both agreed. The girl said goodbye and slowly walked away as if she was waiting for me to do something.

However, my iPod shuffle had since moved on to Steve Miller Band, The Eagles, Led Zep, Tori Amos — and, then, classic Pointer Sisters. No, I do not mean the Pointer Sisters of the Beverly Hills Cop era — I mean the mid-70’s Blue Thumb record label Pointer Sisters who were still blessed with the presence of their bitchy sister, Bonnie, and who were busy fusing funk and 1940’s jazz with songs like “Steam Heat” and “Salt Peanuts” — in this case, at that particular moment the sisters were funking up the vibe with “Jada” — yes, we’re talking “classic” Pointer Sisters before they went “commercial” …actually, the last time I really enjoyed a Pointer Sisters release was when they covered Bruce Springstein’s “Fire” — that was awesome. I must have been pretty young even at that time. …1977??? Not sure. Whatever happened to them, anyway?

I wonder if Bonnie Pointer ever regretted leaving her sisters to pursue her one hit wonder disco career. …Surely, heaven must have sent her reeling as her sisters climbed the charts in the 80’s.

Well, kids that is my report for the day! Still no job. However, I do have a date this coming Friday. No details. I do not want to jinx anything. I feel jinxed enough as it is! LOL!

August 10, 2005. Uncategorized.


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  3. Karyn replied:

    What the sweet hell is up with these schlocky advert comments??

    I loved your previous post about toilets and refrigerators. Your fears are well founded, although I never really fear the fridge… I do though, fear the crap that grows in it. Who knows how much mold 18 cubic feet can hold??? Gak.

    Our toilet in snootyville exploded on us on New Year’s Day in 1995. Thank GOD all we were doing was flushing bug. Relatively clean water spilled everywhere and I lost a whole batch of towels soaking it up, b/c our slumlord wasn’t around to deal with it.

    Plumbing is mystery. A foul, loathsome mystery.

    Love the End Of The World : Where’s The Chocolate story too. Hey – if you’re going out, may as well go out with a tummy full of chocolate in a nice haze of seratonin.

    Chris keeps having post apocalyptic dreams lately, he says.

    That’s too bad.

    At least he’s sleeping. 😛

    And who can blame the hot girl hitting on you… do I or do I not keep telling you how cute you are? Hee hee.

    xo – k

  4. Underling replied:

    Poor girl. I feel very sorry for the truly clueless among us.

  5. Miss Marisol replied:

    yeah, those blog spammers are assholes…i get plenty of advertising in my regular life.

    so, matt, darling…my lovely boyfriend bought me a mini ipod before i went on vacation. i’m hoping the shuffle feature will be as prophetic on mine as it has been for you.

    oh, and you are certainly not old just because you could have sired a child at this point. and if being young means acting like the 22 year olds that i see, than i’ll take old.

  6. Jon replied:

    Even though she sounded like a character, a hate people who assume you won’t like something- of course, if I was in the restaurant, they would be speaking to me in Korean and wouldn’t assume that I wouldn’t want to eat something

    well, ‘chang nuh’ means slut, and ‘di jillae’ means do youw ant to die, and let’s see…oh yeah, ‘nigimi ship e dah’ means you’re a motherfucker. Just your everyday Korean phrases 😉

  7. matt replied:

    Miss Marisol! You will love the iPod! Hope you form a mystical connection as well! LOL!

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