Let’s see, setting the tone of the day was the “shuffle” function of my cosmic iPod. Well, what else is new? Here are the first 5 songs of my day and the order in which they were played:

1. First, We Take Manhattan by Jennifer Warnes
2. Wear Your Love Like Heaven by Donovan
3. Lucille by Kenny Rogers
4. The River by Nintin Sawhney
5. The Name of the Game by ABBA

During “Lucille” I noticed a new penny lying face up on the floor of the “M” train. My Grandmother always told me that this was a sign of great luck if you pick it up as soon as you see it and drop it in your pocket. So I did just that. And, interestingly enough, my cell phone rang! Being on MUNI and catching a phone call is rare for me! I normally lose range. Anyway, it was a potential job and I have a phone interview tomorrow at 11AM! And, I then heard back from the frim for which I most hope to work — they want me to return for a follow up to meet with one of their top firm officers. They will be contacting me with date/time at some point tomorrow! So, I figure this is a good thing.

I’ve high hopes. Am I about to get my life back in full??!?! Maybe!!!! I think I see a light at the end of this tunnel!!!

On the downside, I had to deal with some expenses this morning which managed to deplete my funds in record time! Luckily, I do believe I will be able to secure the very last of my money from is remaining in my 401K account. At this point, it really doesn’t matter. I need the money to live! So, the account is being closed. My hope is that I can get it closed and the remaining money wired to me FAST!!

A few random observations from my day:

* 2 cigarettes mean a lot more to most homeless men than food. I really do believe this to be true. I could be wrong and it may not sound cool, but, I’m sorry — it’s tough out there. I think they deserve their cigs.

* Did you know that the 70’s porn actress, Carol Connors, who plays the nurse in DEEP THROAT is Thora Birtch’s mom?!?!? Her dad was a 70’s porn star, too. I forget his name, tho. Anyway, doesn’t matter or mean anything, but I think that is kind of cool. Tho, Ms. Birtch might feel differently. I guess. Who knows?

* Even postal workers are happy and nice in San Francisco!

* I got lost in the structure that is Two Embacadaro Place. I should not share this with the world because it only shows how retarded I am when it comes to directional navigation. But the fact remains that I was lost there for about 10 minutes today. Sad.

* There are few things sadder than a 40-something skateboarder who “hangs” with the other skaters — who esstentially are all under 25. …and, he thinks he is perceived as “cool” by the “kids”

* Alan and I watched the new Tammy Faye documentary, DEATH DEFYING. It was not really good, but it made me love Tammy Faye all the more because after the doctors inserted her chest cath for chemo, she opted to not go home and rest as directed — but decided she needed to cheer herself up. So, she got in her limo and went shopping!!! …at JC Penny! She seriously rocks and my heart and prayers go out to her as she continues to battle cancer. Tho, I think her eccentricity is funny and I think she is far from perfect — I really do admire her. Tho, I do not know and will never know her — I just have to believe that she is every bit as real and sweet as she appears to be. There is a great deal of light that comes from her. And, I just love the fact that she opted to shop at JC Penny! LOL!

* I had a great weekend and enjoyed lying on the grass near the harbor thinking about it. That is what I did from 4:30pm till about 5:45PM this evening.

* I wish I could drink wine because I really would like to try that new fish wine from China!

* I was flattered today when this cute college kid flirted with me all the way from SFSC to Montgomery Station. He was WAY TOO young for me, but it made me feel great that HE didn’t feel that way! Ego-boost!

* Add it all up and I had a pretty decent day despite a rocky start this morning and the money that this appointment ate. Still, that was unavoidable. So, you just roll with it and deal.

…it’s all good.

July 25, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. Jon replied:

    How did the interview go? Let us know, even if the news is not great!

    I find that whenever I decline to give a homeless person but offer to buy them a cheap sandwich, they prefer ciggies over food, as well. It’s such a hard/crappy life that I seldom complain.

  2. Karyn replied:

    Man, it never even occurred to me to offer a homeless guy a cigarette. I just hand over my lunch or breakfast or whatever. Then again, as a non-smoker, cigs are not an option for me to hand out randomly.

    That’s great about your penny + pursuant luck! Here’s hoping. I hear you about cashing out your 401k. I find myself looking back and wondering how it was ever possible that I had money to burn , to spare, to sock away in savings for a rainy day etc.. Oh well. You just keep on at it and it all just sorts itself out somehow.

    I saw a thing on … riiiiight, I can’t remember the channel, but on tv last night called 30 Days; have you seen this? They take a homophobe and plunk him in SanFrancisco with a gay roommate and he has to go get a job and fraternize within the gay community. I wish I hadn’t conked out partway through because I would REALLY like to see how this schmo turned out at the end of his 30 days. He got a job working at… riiiiiight, I can’t remember that either… like a cafeteria thingy? They sold cheese and deli meats and stuff…. dammit, I wanted to tell you about this because it sounded familiar and I figured you must have told me about it but whatever, my poor brain is shot…

    Well so anyway. Let us know about the job!!! xoxo

  3. Miss Marisol replied:

    wow, that was a lot of info all at once.

    where is this fish wine of which you speak?

    i send a shiny new penny your way for luck, darling.

  4. snarl71 replied:

    Oh, Karyn! That show is by Morgan Spurlock…the guy from Super Size ME! I wanted to see that episode…but missed it.

    And, Matt – congrats on the great job prospects! I’m feeling good things.

  5. matt replied:

    Jon — You bet will update on both upcoming interviews! Yeah, the guys def. seem to prefer cigs. I’ve not interacted with female homeless persons enough to feel comfortable in making a “sweeping generalization” (LOL!) …but the few with whom I’ve chatted seem to prefer a bit of money. ???

    Karyn — You’re too funny! Yeah, money comes around again. Can’t worry about it too much.

    Karl — Spurlock is a homophobe?!?!? He seemed so cool and liberal in SUPER SIZE.

    Miss. Marisol — I shall do a full report on the fish wine from China. I’ve prepped for my phone interview and am just sitting here staring at my pc screen! So, now is the perfect time!

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