Wow! What an awesome weekend!!! Friday I did see the new Gus Van Sant film, “LAST DAYS” in which he “envisions” the last days of Kurt Kobain’s life. This is the third installment of his trilogy of art. The first was “GERRY” — all I can say is that this was cinematic torture. The second was “ELEPHANT” and I thought it was exceptional. This last film had some astonishing moments. Lots of beautifully composed static shots. However, I can’t say that I was much interested in watching Michael Pitt stumble around for 90 minutes muttering to himself in what appeard to be either an extreme stoned-out state or simply insane. Asia Argento is in the movie playing a bi-sexual groupie but they put her in ugly glasses and a bad hair cut. There are two hot looking actors in the movie (one of which is former child star, Lukas Hass) who are either playing “hanger-on’s” or the other two Nirvana band members. However, as we are treated to a short homo grunge sex moment between the two — I am thinking that they must be “hanger on’s” …just can’t see the other two boys from Nivana sharing this moment, but maybe am wrong. I couldn’t decide if Van Sant was trying to make his audience laugh or cry as we see the naked sould of Kurt Cobain (called “Blake” in the film) climb out of the grunged-up dead body of the rock star and climb up a ladder out of the frame — A Ladder to Heaven?!?!? All I know is that I was relieved that the movie ended as I had begun to think it would not ever end.

However, as soon I jumped in the car Saturday morning — the weekend took a turn for the fantastic! I wish I was a better photographer because I failed to capture the scenic beauty of this beach — and, I kept forgetting to take pictures the whole time! “A” showed me some fantastic places along the coast of California!

As we drove thru Pacifica (where my pal, Derek, lives — And, Derek, when are you having me over!?!?! Gorgeous town from what I could see!!) we decided to skip Santa Cruz and visit the privately owned gay nude beach, St. Gregory’s Beach. Now, that is not the proper name. Translate that into Spanish and I think you will have the correct name.

We walked down a tiny path which lead down a mountain to this perfect beach. It felt like we were on some island far from civilization. When we arrived, the fog was in full force and the sound of the crashing waves was awesome! And the sight of these waves emerging from the cloud of fog was so beautiful. Once I was able to turn away from the water, I looked up at the mountains that surrounded us. It was an awesome sight. We opted to keep our clothing on — as it was quite cold! However a number of folks were perfectly fine with the cold breeze and lounged about. I love nude beaches. If only I hadn’t been so cold! And, no, I did not take any pictures of the beautiful men walking about. One guy was meditating — he looked so calm and at peace. However, I kept thinking how the sand must have felt as it slipped up his crack. …I thought, “How Zen of him! No towel!”

All along the beach, drift wood (or some form of wood) had been placed to form what looked like little “forts” — enclosed spaces for privacy and sun bathing — and, other activities where one (or two — or three or four or five) might want a bit of a barrier from walkers-by — were all along the beach which stretched a good couple of miles. We took one of the forts and watched as the fog burned way to provide for fantastic views! We had a great time! After that we drove along some beautiful mountain sides — the farther we drove, the warmer it got. By the time we reached Milpitas is was in the 3 digits! Hot, but dry. We had a great dinner and then came back into the city this afternoon. I think I drove my expert tour guide nuts because I became obsessed with watching his car gauge the outside temperature. Within only 10 minutes of driving back toward SF, the temp went down over 15 degrees! I find it so interesting how much cooler it is here than outside of the city. It was close to 3 digits in San Jose this morning, but it was 64 degrees when we reached SF a short while later!

“A” had never been to any of the art house cinemas in SF, so we took in a viewing of “CRONICAS” at the Lumiere. A VERY disturbing film. Brilliantly filmed and acted, but ultimately nightmarish and cynical view. Most upsetting. However, we then made our way back down Van Ness and up to the Castro where we had a lovely dinner.

I had a great weekend! Now, let’s see if some of that positive karma can rub off on to this week and land me a job!!!! Fingers crossed!!! At any rate, I feel “re-charged” and am ready to take the week on with a positive spin! I will post some more of the pix I took below!

July 24, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. g8s replied:

    Wow, sounds like a great weekend! You’re so lucky to be able to drive up & down the coast like that, with all those beaches — ones at which you might actually want to go swimming. How relaxing…

    And I’m also glad to hear that Cronicas was a thought provoking film, as it’s on my list. I love John Leguizamo; he makes some great choices with his career & I’ve been hoping that Cronicas would be a good move for him.

  2. matt replied:

    g8s – It was awesome! Tho, the water is far too cold for swimming in my opinion — and I am used to New England ocean water — this part of the ocean is COLD! However, I see lots of folks out there in those thermal suits and there are always a few tough souls out there in their regular suits are less! Also, the water at this beach was really turbulent — would suspect the undertow is bad. But, it was relaxing and gorgeous.

    I love Leguizamo as well. Always have. He is brilliant in this film, but I suspect it might be too dark/edgy to push him over to receive the regcognition he has deserved for so long. However, you never know. People were visibly upset when the screen faded to black — including the two of us. Chilling. …and, not in a good way.

  3. matt replied:

    …or not in a “fun/entertaining” way — more like a “Oh, Jesus! This is going to haunt me for weeks” kind of way.

    …and I am not wimpy! LOL!

  4. Miss Marisol replied:

    i’m glad you had a glorious weekend. you needed a soul-energizing time…

    i never thought i would hear an unflattering remark about asia argento. but, then again, it was more about her misuse.

  5. matt replied:

    Miss Marisol — Yes, the director wasted Asia in the film. I think she had maybe 3 lines and I didn’t even recognize her! It hit me that it was her when one of the “characters” refers to her as “Asia” which I thought was odd. So, then I saw her name on the credits.

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