Not sure why one needs a weather presenter in the California Bay Area. I failed to pick up a news paper today so I actually turned on Alan’s TV and took a look at the local news. It amuses me. The guy who does the weather essentially says the same thing all the time — the schematic of the week had the same little sun with a cloud and temps of 54/68 thru to Saturday. This is the same report they have every week as far as I can tell. Makes me laugh.

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  • Miss Marisol
    I decided to give in and see Tim Burton’s spin on CHARLIE & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. I was quite hesitant because I so love the original musical film version from the early 70’s. However, Miss M is quite correct — this is a completely different film all together and probably should not be compared to the first one. Johnny Depp’s performance is quite entertaining. And, Burton created some very interesting characters to play the parents of the brats with the golden tickets. However, I have to say — the kids in the 1971 film were much more vile. And, in my heart there can ever be one Veruca Salt. And, Veruca is a bad egg — not a bad nut. But all the same, I have to say this is a highly entertaining film and, I think, the best work from Burton since ED WOOD. It is well worth the price of admission. And, Mr. Bucket is hot!

    And, I really love the new ad campaign from Dove Soap and Lotion Products that features several beautiful women in their undies — of course what makes the ads cool is the fact that the women all look “real” — far from fat, but not obnoxiously skinny. These ladies just look healthy and normal. It is sexy and somewhat subversive. I’ve noticed people stopping and looking at the many posters throughout the city — everyone seems a bit confused, but everyone also seems to like them. Props to Dove!

    July 19, 2005. Uncategorized.


    1. Karyn replied:

      Here , here! Or is it hear, hear? Either way, you’re right. The Dove commercials warrant a second look because everyone looks different. Different shades of skin, different colors/styles/lengths of hair, different “problem” areas. I think they are brilliant. I wondered if Dove would ever recover from the advert. fiasco on The Apprentice. Yikes.

      Is it really that cool in S.F. in July?? Maybe I picked the wrong coast.

    2. Doug replied:

      I am printing this blog out and framing it 🙂

      I am SO happy that you enjoyed “Charlie”, I cannot wait to see it, and I am glad that it stays closer to the book (squirrels and all). I just finished reading the book for the umpteenth time to prime myself for seeing the movie.

    3. g8s replied:

      The Dove adverts are all over NYC and they’re GREAT!

    4. Patryk replied:

      If I LOVED “Happy Endings” – then I’ll still be picking myself up from the floor after see “Charlie” last night- I was engaged on so many layers that there certainly isn’t enough space for an essay here . . . on the topic of “Dove” – I too live in New York, I haven’t seen the ad-campaign ( as I’m currently perfecting my ability to walk around with my eyes closed-unaided). No matter, I have a love hate with DOVE SOAP which goes well beyond a group of executives shooting the shit over a large confrence table in Chicago watching a Phillipina vixen in a short, tight skirt mixiing dry Beefeater martinis at 11:00am on a Monday in August.

    5. Miss Marisol replied:

      Phew! I was afraid you were going to demand I send you the money for the price of your ticket. Your film taste is much more sophisticated than most Americans, so I was a bit worried.

      However, I was pretty sure you would find the film entertaining. Tim Burton really hit his mark here and I just love Helena Bonham Carter and David Kelly.

      I love those Dove ads as well. As far as models, I have only seen the typical waif amazon women or they plus size women. Here, they seem to have found what comes in between, which is, normal everyday women bodies. It’s great.

    6. snarl71 replied:

      Those Dove ads are all over Boston, too. Of course there are already protests here. But not for what you think! I read in the Metro newspaper this morning about a woman being upset because of the “real curves” thing being offensive to naturally skinny women.

      You can’t win. Agencies focus on skinny women, the full-figured gals get upset. You focus on the full-figured gals and the skinny women get upset. Can’t we all just get along?

    7. Karyn replied:

      Karl, is that you? The American Basher? *snicker* Can’t we all get along. Are you kidding me? These naturally skinny women should go practice eating a twinky or some bacon or anything at Fenway and shut the F*ck up about it already. HOW is that offensive? Did I protest the entire fashion industry when Kate Moss took over the world? Or Molly Sims, with her simpering obnoxious voice and its annunciation issues? No I did not. Because I am a grown up who does not have a surplus of time on her hands to run around bitching that someone offended me. Oooh! Stop! Big scary ladies over size 4! Further, I realize it takes all kinds. People need to shut the F*ck up, seriously. Do you KNOW how much that would solve? Gak.

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