Far be it from me to ever say anything even slightly critical of my fave diva. However, I was just lying on my bed listening to this CD and I failed to program the player to skip over track 8 – as I always do when playing this CD. Suddenly my thoughts of the past weekend were distorted by hearing the thing I avoid hearing at all cost. …Barbra Streisand’s “interpretation” of John Lennon’s classic, “MOTHER” …You probably think you can imagine what it sounds like, but I doubt you fully understand unless you’ve heard it. I’m just sayin’.

Oddly, I kind of “dig” her “funky B’way” take on David Bowie’s “LIFE ON MARS” and, tho I guess it makes me a bit ‘uncomfortable’ on an erotic level, I even think her cover of Marley’s “GUAVA JELLY” is sexy in an odd way — but I really think one, even me, must draw the line when she attempts a re-invention of “MOTHER” — I mean, that is just wrong. True, it happened over 32 years ago, but it still hurts. Also, isn’t there some sort of law out there to prevent a recording from including a heart-felt John Lennon tune from being tracked next to a Burt Bacharach number? If not, there really should be.

I guess it could have been worse. She could have opted to record “Cold Turkey” …imagine. pun intended.

Oh, and regarding the new Don Roos film, HAPPY ENDINGS. …I didn’t think it as bad as most of the critics, and it is much better than “BOUNCE” — of course, what isn’t?

However, Roos allows the film to go off on far too many tangents and a comedy should never run for more than 2 hours. But, despite the general sitcom feel and the all too tidy wrap up-endings (not all that happy, by the way) — this film did have an emotional impact on me. The three themes that ‘hit home’ with me were the need for human connection, the import of choices and where those connections and choices lead is every bit as unpriedictable as the people to whom we connect. True, sad and scary.

Also, on the plus side — Lisa Kudrow remains one of the most underated comedic and effective actresses working (she is awesome in this movie) and Maggie Gyllenhaal is probably the closest thing her generation has to Diane Keaton. However, I hope she will not sing anymore. Ouch.


July 17, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. Miss Marisol replied:

    I was planning to go see Happy Endings tonight, but I don’t think I’m ready for the treat of Maggie Gyllenhaal singing.

    “Also, isn’t there some sort of law out there to prevent a recording from including a heart-felt John Lennon tune from being tracked next to a Burt Bacharach number? If not, there really should be.”

    When you write stuff like that, I just lose it…you are so freakin’ fantastic!

  2. snarl71 replied:

    Hey? I thought Maggie sounded fine singing? I was singing Billy Joel songs the rest of the night after seeing that.

  3. Anita replied:

    I can’t comment on this post because anything I said would be disturbing, funny and just down right wrong so I’ll leave it to the experts. LOL

  4. thomas replied:

    by “bounce” do you mean the ben afleck film? really, because i loved that film. or movie. as it really wasn’t a “film.” i still get all girly when i see ben weepy on the stand in court. but i bet you meant a hipper and more trendy “bounce,” one where the characters are multi-dimensional.

  5. Patrick replied:

    I LOVED Happy Endings and I found Gyllenhaal’s singing performance appropriate for the part. . Kudrow was quite simply fantastic . . . some of most negative reviews of this movies were from critics who are praising Wedding Crashers – I mean com’on. . . .

    I’ll just stay away from that Lennon cover even though we all love our babbs –

  6. matt replied:

    Miss Marisol — Well, I hope I am not steering you wrong. Several people have STRONGLY disagreed with me regarding M. Gyllenhall’s singing. ??? As evidenced by Snarl and Patrick’s comments. There were other comments sent to me via email, but they were not very nice. LOL!

    Snarl — well, we both know how I feel about that particular song! LOL!

    Anita – Speak up! No worries!

    Patrick — I agree with you regarding Lisa Kudrow. And, I did think MG gave a great performance (when she wasn’t singing) …LOL! However, your point regarding the context of her role is a valid one. However, the final scene left me feeling as if I was supposed to think she was a real singer. ???

    Sexy Thomas — Yeah, well, I didn’t care for “Bounce” I do like Gwenyth P (she did a great Sylvia Plath!) but I suspect that Ben Affleck is the Anti-Christ.

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