Who knows the way of hunger, desire and passion? Better yet, who knows why I had the impulse/urge to devour 4(!) cream filled See Candies chocolates within 2 minutes?!?!? However, this is what happened and what I did yesterday as I waited for Vic to get out of work. I stopped myself after the fourth impossibly sweet and calorie-enriched candy and fed the other 3 (yeah, I had 3 more waiting to be eaten) to the birds of Union Square Park. They seemed to love them — and, boy, those birds seemed very energetic as they consumed the tasty treats. I felt like that little old lady in Mary Poppins. I should be in snow globe.

Anyway, met up with two of my favorite people (Vic & Milford) and we saw TROPICAL MALADY on the big screen. And, yeah, they both liked it! …Well, I think Vic liked it. After the movie I led us into a somewhat controversial bit of converse. I worry that I pissed them both off! If I did, I think they pardoned me. Anway, we ended up at this tiny Korean BBQ place on Polk Street that was REALLY good! I wasn’t even hungry but I consumed a large amount of chicken.

Yes, kids, I have gained one pound. UGH! I am now back at 189. It is OK — I can get back on course. I think I am just a bit stressed with these couple of job opportunities for which I will be interviewing next week. Fingers crossed!!!

Oh, I saw THE BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY yesterday — it was a a fantastic film, but heart-breaking at times. Still, well worth seeing.

As per usual, the weather is gorgeous! I think Alan and his pal, Steve, must have taken off early this morning to get out in it because they were both gone when I fell out of bed at 9:30 this morning!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
fatty, uh, I mean — matt

July 16, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. Doug replied:

    Oh Matty…dont be so hard on your self..I would give and arm and a leg to weigh 189 pounds (as a matter of fact one of my arms and legs probably weigh 189 pounds)…I like you just the way you are 🙂 Your pal, Doug

  2. digitic replied:

    See’s cream filled chocolates? I find the nuts & chews MUCH better and they cover the chocolate, dairy (milk chocolate and caramel), vegetable (nuts) and fat food groups all in one lovely bite.

    Nope, you didn’t piss me off none. It was just that you wouldn’t admit that you were not correct. HAHAHA!!! Anyway, if you did piss me off you’d still have some BBQ short rib in your hair and reek of kimchi. Say, are those sesame seeds stuck behind your ears? Bulgogi!

    Trop i cal Ma lady was a very enjoyable movie and I had fun discussing our different interpretations of the fable though I’m still pretty sure the boy woke up and left before the soldier arrived at the house.

    Oh, and I had no idea Taiwan was so tropical! Ha!

  3. matt replied:

    Doug — You are such a sweetie! You’re like my Billy Joel circa 1977!

    Milford — I think “someone” needs to post about their ex who had some unusual opinions revolving around Taiwan. LOL! By the way, have been thinking a lot about what you and Vic had to say about homophobia in cinema — and you both made some VERY valid points. …I smell a blog coming on from this!

  4. Miss Marisol replied:

    Yes, darling 189 seems like a healthy weight. Don’t you know the waif boy look is SO out?

  5. matt replied:

    Miss Marisol — You are so correct regarding the “waif boy” look. It’s just I think I should probably be a bit taller for 189. LOL.

    However, as of this moment. I am stopping with mention of my weight and am stopping with the scale because I think I am obsessing about it and it is stupid. …and dull.

    I’m just going to eat better and continue to be active. …and let my inner-fabness shine thru! Am sure I will need to binge on a bit of sugar every now and then — but there are worse things I could do!

  6. Jon replied:

    Wow- See’s candies remind me of San Fran. My grandma used to live in a suburb of San Fran (Concord), and would bring them each time she visited.

    Anyway, kisses. I’m off to Japan in a matter of hours 🙂

  7. g8s replied:

    Yes, yes… Away with the scale. If you are in good health with good habits, then there’s no reason to obsess. More important that you should feel good about yourself than have a number you like on your scale. And what is your height, anyway? Re: the chocolates — Miss Marisol & I are firm believers in the ‘Dessert First’ school of thought, and we support you in your choice of any chocolates you desire, be they filled with cream, nuts, or any other double entendre.

  8. matt replied:

    g8s — Amen to that Chocolate Philosophy! I am 5’9″. …OK, I am 5′ 8.5″. LOL! But I like to pretend that I am a full 5’9″!

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