me at 8 with my favorite book… gay much?

Well, kids — I’ve got 3 job opportunities waiting for me next week. Important interviews coming up! The first is on Monday!!! Could employment be in sight? Let’s hope so!!!

OK, I am not going to offer any spoilers, but I was really unhappy with the new Steven Spielberg/Tom Cruise flick. I mean, I wasn’t expecting high art or anything. However, I was not expecting plot holes. I think I know the answer to this question but, I shall ask it anyway; If all cars, phones, cell phones, watches, radio/tv reception stop working — why would a digital camcorder continue to function? I think this would be because the digital cam is made by Sony and the power of product placement can defeat evil scientology-inspired aliens any day of the week! Also, why do aliens always look like either rail thin beings with big heads or variations of Giger’s monster from ALIEN? I think Spielberg should be paying Giger for those CGI-created aliens!

OK — Sorry — I do have one SPOILER question. So skip the next paragraph if you plan on seeing the movie!

Why, if the evil aliens are going to thrive off the blood of humans would they evaporate/kill so many of us before they got our blood? Once again, I think I know the answer: If they didn’t “evaporate” us to dust particles we would miss out on a “way cool” CGI special effect. UGH. And, am I the only one who noticed that the special effects for the last half of the film seemed really “blue-screened” compared to the first round of special effects (which were quite cool)????

And, I’m sorry. But, along with Morgan Freeman, Dakota Fanning must be stopped. As do simplistic/trite/wrap-up endings that seem to have been thought up just before the film wrapped to keep the movie from hitting the 2 hour mark.

…wait, that was actually a sort of blessing.

As, yes, Morgan Freeman provided Hallmarkish voice over narration — tho, we could not see him, I could just “feel” the moistness of his eyes — just seconds from “real” tears. I left the cinema wondering why I agreed to see this movie. The answer is simple. I will watch any movie. I blame Milford. He told me it was good. LOL! I have to admit tho, that there were a few moments that got to me. Given all that we’ve seen happen in the world these past 4 years — I am not sure I needed to see NY and Boston on the verge of destruction. I did get a spooked/horrified feeling, but not a fun one. It was just upsetting.

One of the best films I saw last year, TROPICAL MALADY, is opening today in San Francisco on the big screen. I’ve only ever seen it on DVD. So, I am dragging my pals, Vic and Miford to see it. Love this movie! There are no plot holes in this film, but the combination of love story with Thai fable/superstition is a bit unsettling and hard for this western mind to grasp. However, I think I get it now. I hope Vic and Milford get it.

And, for me, it is a barbra kind of day. Not sure why, but it is. So, I selected my ‘Babs’ playlist and then pressed shuffle. And here is how iPod has unfolded my day thus far:

“I Never Had It So Good”
“The Main Event (12 inch Mix)”
“Moanin’ Low”
“One Less Bell To Answer/A House Is Not A Home”
“Left In The Dark”
“If I Love Again”
“Woman In Love”
“No More Tears (radio edit)” w/Donna Summer

I applied to 6 more jobs which were just posted.

OK, a nice cool SF day awaits! Here I go — cell phone and iPod in hand!


July 15, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. Doug replied:

    Hey Matt…if its any consolation, the quick wrap up at the end of the movie is completely true to the original source material for the movie. The book all of a sudden just ENDS…no build up, no arc…it just ends with the narration that Morgan provided. I too thought it was crappy, until I found out about the original book.

  2. digitic replied:

    Love that picture!

    Huhmn … actually, I think I said WotW was “GOOD but not a CLASSIC” which is kind of like differentiating between a mild piss-shiver and a screaming-orgasm. They’re somewhat similar but certainly in separate classes. Sheesh.

    And not to worry yur purty ‘lil head but I think the movie tonight won’t be such a stretch.

    I grew up with obtuse Chinese opera and those endless 45-week long dramatized fable series on Chinese TV.

    Monkey King, anyone?

  3. anita replied:

    Love your 8 year old picture. What a smile! Have a good afternoon & enjoy the movie. One of the guys I work with just went to see the Spielberg movie and thought it was cool but I don’t think I would like it at all.
    Good luck next week on job front!
    Hugs, Anita

  4. Anonymous replied:

    is that dorothy hamill?

  5. matt replied:

    Doug — I’ve learned a lot about War of the Worlds thanks to this post. I never knew that there was an old movie or a book. I thought it was a radio broadcast by Orson Welles that gave people heart attacks. Still, seems like if they were going to update something — maybe they could have put some creative energy into a more thought-out ending. ?? But, you know, I should have known better than seeing this movie, anyway. LOL!

    Milford — LOL! Sorry, you were quite clear. That wasn’t fair of me! But, I had to tease you a bit. Monkey King — you’re too funny!

    And, no, it might look like Dorothy Hamill — but, I promise it is an 8 year old me. …sporting the infamous bowl haircut made popular by the little kid on 8 Is Enough! LOL! …for little boys, anyway. Of course it was the 70’s — dawn of uni-sex and earth shoes.

  6. g8s replied:

    Glad to hear your thoughts on ‘War of the Worlds’… The trailers left me with the impression that it was a film for two actors with looming expiration dates. “See him before he gets too old to be a sex symbol! See her before she can’t do kid roles anymore!”

    Adorable photo of you, by the way.

  7. snarl71 replied:

    I hope you enjoyed your beautiful cool spring day. It’s hot and humid here…I hate summer.

    Why, oh why, would you go see a Tom Cruise movie? You hate him.

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