Well, today was the official PRIDE DAY in San Francisco for the LGBTQ Community — please forgive if I forgot a letter of the ever-expanding accronym. Anyway, I didn’t have such a good feeling at the start of the day. It was REALLY cloudy and was about 50 degrees. It was cold and dreary!

But, the M train arrived just as I walked up and I put on my iPod. I selected “songs” and “shuffle” — and I had a feeling things were going to be OK when the songs that played were (and, they played in this order):

It’s Gonna Be a Great Day – Barbra Streisand
Dancing Queen – ABBA
Love to Love You, Baby – Donna Summer
Do You Want to Funk? (12 inch mix) – Sylvester
Mighty Real – Sandy Bernhard
The Rose – Bette Midler
I’m Coming Out – Miss Diana Ross

…and then the trained pulled in to Castro station. I just knew it was going to be a great big gay day! My iPod told me so!

This was the first time I have ever attended a SF gay pride parade. And, everything I had heard was true — good and bad. The parade NEVER ends, but I’ve never seen such a mass of interests represented. I mean you know you’ve left Boston or NYC when you see a group of people representing Anti-Male Circumcision, Gay Sanitation Workers, COLT porn stars, gay ROTC (not kidding) and just about any other thing you can think of — was fully represented at the parade. There were so many people!

I met up with my best pal, Milford and met his friend, Mike. And my friend, Vic met up with us and brought along a life long friend of his named Jun — who was very sweet. Great company! We strolled to the huge party/gathering in the Civic Center area and sat in the sun (yes, it did come out — but it was still fairly cool)

Unlike Boston, there was nudity, profane activities, suspicious brownies for sale, porn stars to kiss, Peaches Anti-Christ posing for pix with fans brave enough to approach her and friendly people. So nice to have people just chat with you — unlike what I am used to in Boston. I took lots of pix — however my skills as a photographer are rather suspect. But, if you’re interested — just scroll down to the left column of my blog and click into my second on line photo album and you can take a look at my day! Just so no one flames me or anything —- if you’re easily offended (and I doubt that you are if you’re reading my blog) skip the pix! And, the pix is are not Trix — they are NOT for children! Nuff said!

Happy PRIDE!

June 26, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. Jon replied:

    Peaches was there?? As in ‘Lovertits’ and ‘Fuck the Pain Away’ German Peaches?? That is too cool for school!

  2. Underling replied:

    Glad you enjoyed your day. Pride here in OK was great as well, except for the 100 degree heat and total lack of breeze. I’m a little crisp around the edges…but I had a fun time at the parade and then went to Tim’s to hang out on the couch while he played video games. A pretty perfect day…

  3. GrooveTheory replied:

    I love the iPod selection. It’s so Gay Pride worthy!

    Love the pics too! I wish, I went to the one in NY though 😦 Now I feel guilty.

  4. Miss Marisol replied:

    And you didn’t have to set your ipod to “gay”? Amazing!

    I’ve never noticed the link to your pics before, you cutie!
    I’m going to be spending some time looking through your albums now…

  5. snarl71 replied:

    Happy Pride, Matt!

    Though, the pictures were far from scandalous. Heck, there was no nudity!

    I was just at Minneapolis Pride and their mayor jumped through a giant vagina during their parade. Now THAT’s scandalous!

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