Met up with my pal, Vic, tonight. We had dinner and took in that new documentary called DEEP BLUE. Some amazing shots of life in the depths of the ocean. As the night is so beautiful — we took a long walk out past Emabacadaro to the piers. We were looking at THE bridge when we noticed a family making all kinds of exciting noises at the end of the pier.

We walked over to see what was going on — turns out this older gentleman is prizes himself as a master of catching sharks! And, just as we walked up, he reeled in a 3 foot tiger shark! It was pretty amazing to see how strong that fish was as it fought him on the pier! They were going to be taking it home to cook for dinner. …um, gross. But, still — it was a bit of a site.

Then we walked over, looked at the full moon and we both had to comment on how beautiful this city can be. It was getting pretty cold and I needed to catch the M train before 11pm. So, we headed back.

Looks like I might have a solid job lead. Will learn more tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

A friend gave me some passes to the SF LGBTQ (that accronym keeps getting longer and longer!) Film Festival. Saw a collection of shorts today. It was cool, but I was stuck in line for about 25 minutes with a woman and 3 really obnoxious gay clones. These 4 souls were so far beyond “vacant” and “shallow” — their banter about their weekend of orgies, drugs and fashion were enough to scare someone right back into the closet. At one point, the 3 men infront of me turned around and glared at them. To which one of the “boyz” responded by saying, “Hi, daddy – like what you see?!?!?” …and, I couldn’t help it — with my head turned down I said, “Oh, pleeeeeez — we are so not interested! Just shut up” …yeah, I am winning friends and infuencing people at rapid rates! …the cool thing is — they did shut up. However, much to my annoyance — this fashion victim guy walked up to them and said, “Oh, kids, let me take you out of the common line and get you into the VIP area!”

…and, sure enough — he did. Turned out he was one of the directors of one of the shorts. However, all was ok in the universe when his short played and it sucked. However, I have to confess — I didn’t really care much for any of the shorts. They were all themed around “coming out/coming of age as gay” — and that topic can only be explored so many ways. It had all been done before. There was, however, one very clever little film that was shown first. However, I forget the name. I should also note that I think my opinion of the shorts was in the minority as the audience seemed to enjoy every minute.

After the shorts, I treked over to Union Square Park and called the 2 head hunters back, but I won’t know anything for another day or so! UGH! I need a job!!!!!


June 21, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. snarl71 replied:

    HEY – fingers crossed for you here in Boston!

    That movie-going experience sounds dreadful. Do people in that city still hiss at the screen? What’s up with that?

  2. Miss Marisol replied:

    There’s nothing worse than listening to the petty banter of annoying queens.

    Sounds like a lovely day otherwise…


  3. Underling replied:

    I have to work every day with one of those petty queens.

    He makes me want to cut off my own head so I don’t have to listen to the inane shit that spews from his mouth.

    And he’s also decided that I find him attractive (barf!) and flirts with me whenever he gets the chance.

    Drives me nuts! Way to put them in their place, Matt!

  4. Lubin replied:

    I *hate* LGBT film festivals (although I do go to them). I’ve started writing it as LGBTXYZ incidentally. Tip – always avoid the collections of short films, in general they’re absolutely rubbish and never live up to their descriptions. At the London LGB film festival a couple of years ago there was an absolutely awful short film which was about bears and piercing and stuff like that. At one particular graphic and awful point, an oldish queen seated at the back said in his loudest and most bored voice “Oh Puh-leeeeeese!” You had to be there.

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