I took the advice of my acupuncturists — swallowed my pride and reached out to some organizations in San Francisco which may be able to help me in a number of ways from guidance to financial aide. Anyway, the process has started and there is a big job fair tomorrow morning at the Embarcadero Hyatt. I will be there! And, on Monday, I’ve an appointment with a couple of these agencies. I guess I just feel so embarassed to have gotten to this point in my life at my age, but as one of the individuals I spoke with told me, “It is a tough world out there. No need to feel ashamed”

Granted, this is my blog. And, being my blog I am free to write about whatever is on my mind. However, as of late I worry that I have been on my mind far too much. So, I decided to pick up the newspaper and enjoy the sun and sweet breeze with all the doggies in Duboce Park. It was lovely. But then I started reading the Chronicle which is not exactly a great newspaper anyway — but I digress.

The things that jumped out at me were not really “news” to me, but it got me to thinking.

How silly and pathetic is it that our movie star-turned governor has decided to hold a “special” election that is going to cost California tax payers over $60 million dollars — essentially, if one focuses and ACTUALLY reads what this corporate controlled robot is trying to push thru is a big-business/corporate backed change in laws that will cut spending on education for our public schools, prevent our teachers from having secure jobs (and there for making even fewer people want to even bother being teachers), harm the rights of our nurses and medical workers, restrict the rights and powers of Unions to fight against the corporate/governmental tyranny which is on the fast-forward track in our country and redesign the voting districts to further push minorities and the poor out of the “democratic system” —- Oh, and he is seeking to reverse a law which has dramtically reduced the number of teen suicides and botched aportions by requiring minors to secure parental approval prior to access to aportion.

Arnold is using his star/celebrity power to divert the attention of the California masses from the “real” concerns by making many personal appearances, giving autographs and claiming that, at the heart of what he is doing is protecting the rights of the California home owner. Now, kids, I’ve read this legislation 5 times and this is a very small part of what he is doing — and it is really aimed at the elite home owners. Not the “little people” who gather at the cineplex to watch his MOR/bad films. Yet, all the the world loves a movie star — even when he is sexist, a bit homophobic (tho, he is getting better at hiding that!) and his faimily back in Europe has ties to the Nazi party. None of this matters — he married into the Kennedys, is a movie star, is wealthy beyond belief, is “in bed” with the “right” people and the guy does have charisma.

Besides, it would appear that the majority of Californians are more interested in Michael Jackson anyway. And, of course, that is MUCH more important. UGH!

However, this silly and misguided set of principals pales in comparison to other places in our global community. Let’s take a look at China which may soon rival (if it doesn’t already) Africa for the worst epidemic of AIDS in history. True, China’s leaders have taken some steps to educate the masses, but not enough and are still too scared to deal/face the sexuality of their country to do much good. As an example, the closing down of an educational site aimed at the China GLBTQ population — which was actually educating people! I knew all of this, but I was unaware of a 2004 nationwide study which revealed these “fun” facts about the “average” person in China:

IN China during the year of 2004:

60% surveyed said that they would “never” work with HIV positive colleagues for fear of catching AIDS (like a cold)
Only 7% surveyed knew that condoms are effective against sexual transmission of the HIV virus (!!!!!!??????)
50% believed that AIDS could be transmitted by a handshake

Oh my God.

…of course, our “President” feels that it is better to have our teenagers take pledges to stay virgins than teach them about HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases.

I have to admit, maybe it would be more fun to read write, read, talk and think about Freaky Mr. Jackson. Sad. And, really, quite silly.

June 15, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. Jon replied:

    Oh, don’t get me started on China. The mainland is atotally fucked up, and when they surpass us as the world power, they will do a much worse job. There are so many people there that people will do whatever it takes to get ahead, and if this sounds racist, it’s the honest to god truth. China will ruin the world some day.

    And don’t expect too much from Ah-nold. He’s Austrian. They are quite possibly the meanest people in the world.

  2. Jon replied:

    I have lots of friends from Hong Kong and Taiwan, and most of them would agree with me. Especially the people from Taiwan, lol

  3. Robert replied:

    Those numbers are astonishing!! We’re actually quite lucky here in the US, even though we are kinda f’dup, but still, I know we have it better than most people, and I’m very grateful for that.

    G’luck today!

  4. Miss Marisol replied:

    I completely understand your frustration. I read the paper every day and think, “I have to blog about this…this is crazy. How can this be happening?”

    It’s overwhelming.

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