BOB & ROSE????

So, I have had this DVD from Britain for well over a year and I finally started watching it. It is a BBC series from 2001 called BOB & ROSE. I’ve only watched the first episode thus far, but am quite impressed with the writing and acting. This would never be shown in the US. Anyway, does anyone out there know anything about the show? I need to check on IMDB.com, but the lead actor playing Bob looks like the cute guy from that JONATHAN CREEK series that BBC America used to show, but am not quite sure. Also, I think the writer/producer is THE guy who created QUEER AS FOLK, but once again — am not sure. Not sure what I think about where it looks to be heading in the way of plot dealing with sexuality, but I am most interested! Is this show still on the air? Was it a hit?


June 5, 2005. Uncategorized.

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  1. Anonymous replied:

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