I enjoy a good joke and get a good laugh at the many ironies in life, but I have to tell you — I am ready for an ease up on all of these “little” challenges that keep “teasing” me. My sense of humor and tolerance is starting to fade! I get it!

Granted, the world isn’t ending and I’m blessed with the most important things in life: health and dear friends who are all in my corner — but I think it is time I get a break with all of the crap that keeps coming up! I must be working out some really negative karma, but it seems that this karmatic debt should have been resolved way back! Wasn’t my childhood enough?!?!? LOL! Ugh!

At any rate, to ease things a bit more — I’ve decided to sell my iBook. I only use it for email, my blog and iTunes. I can always stop by a copy center and use a PC for emal checks and blog updates — and, then, replace it later after a job is secured. In the mean time, I think I need the money more than the technology. I posted an add to Criagslist, but people are now asking me questions I do not understand! LOL!

If anyone is interested in obtaining a used MAC iBook fully loaded and still covered with original box and a nice carrying case — let me know and make me your best offer! If you’re outside of the San Francisco area, include packing, insurance and shipping costs in your offer! Email me with offers and not via the comment option. Oh, and if you have any specific tech-related questions, tell me how I can find the answers for you. Oh, and the DVD only plays region 2 (UK) as most of my DVD’s come from England. Sorry. Tho, maybe that can be changed back to region 1 for the US/Canada. ????

OK — off to sleep! Tomorrow, or today, is going to be my “ME” day. No online job hunting/applying — no thinking about money woes. I am just going to chill out! Rest — and, maybe go visit my sea lions at Pier 39! And, maybe go up to Twin Peaks with my journal and just let the cool breeze and sun cover my body! Just me and this beautiful city for today!

Alan gets back tomorrow night! Yay! And, I am getting together with Ming for lunch tomorrow afternoon — am making him take a break from his disertation work. Then — I’ve got several interviews lined up for next week!!! Fingers crossed!


June 4, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. digitic replied:

    Ummm … Matt, getting rid of your laptop would be a bad idea considering that your ability to job hunt online would fall to almost zero without a computer, eh?

    The convenience and ability to look for work and communicate with people at any time of day far outweighs (and would outlast) the money you get from the sale.

    Please reconsider your decision.

  2. snarl71 replied:

    I agree! Don’t get rid of your computer….that’s your life line right now – especially without a regular phone line. KEEP IT!

    You’ll be thankful in the end. The inconvenience and expense of going to places to access email, your blog, and resume search engines will be false economy (of time and money).

    Why not burn/rip all of your songs onto your MP3 player and iPod and sell the CD’s? I know you like the carrying cases…but you can always buy copies of them later (used) if you “have” to.

  3. Anonymous replied:

    Matt, I totally agree with digitic & snarl71 , totally.
    I don’t have to repeat the reasons “why”. They are selfevident!
    Sometimes in a situation like you are in at the moment, causes one to do things in haste. I am sure Al will tell you the same thing upon his return!
    Please….don’t do it !

  4. matty replied:

    ok. …but, somehow I think my phone might be more important than my computer. How will my potential employers reach me if I lose it?

    …I shall leave it to God and see what happens!

  5. Karyn replied:

    Sorry Matt – I’m in the Don’t Do It Camp!

    Although, I must say, you and I are both apparently deep in the swirling vortex of bad karma and like you, I am sick of it! Jesus! What’d I do in my LAST life? Torture puppies or something? ENOUGH!

    Maybe we should petition the universe to lighten the f*ck up.

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