Well, Alan left for a visit with his parents. And, I am now left all alone in this big house. Am not used to being alone in such a big space with different levels. But, I will survive! I’ve got a busy weekend planned — well, as busy as one can get when you’re on the verge of no money. LOL!

Tonight I am meeting up with Ming in Berkely to hang out and eat on the very cheap. Milford is coming over here tomorrow evening and we’re going to watch a DVD of his choosing. Saturday Ming is coming into San Francisco and we’re hanging out. Something is planned for Sunday — tho, I didn’t write it down so I hope I remember what I am doing! And, Monday I am joining my pals, Bill and Milford, for a screening of a Ballywood film called KISS ON THE CHEEK at the Balboa Cinema — which I’ve never visited so that will be cool! Then, if the weather is great — we plan to walk to the beach, talk and watch the waves and any eye candy that might be roaming about.

I’ve cleaned the house this morning, am doing laundry and will be leaving to sell a bit of my soul, uh, I mean my CD’s for pocket money. I found a few more job postings for which I feel I would be a good fit and sent a cover letter with resume to those! After I sell the CD’s — I plan to sit down at a cafe with a cup of tea and finish up my bankruptcy papers. So much fun! However, I’ve got an evening with Ming to look forward toward — so that will be nice!

You know, I love a good challenge and am always up for some adventure — but I think I’ve had enough for a while. Just give me a job, some benefits and get this bankruptcy horror behind me and I will be one happy camper!!!

Speaking of being fed up, has anyone heard the new song by that wonderous French temptress, Mylene Farmer? I think I might have written of her before. She is awesome and has managed to work with some of the world’s most interesting film makers to create her vid clips for her music. She seems to sort of be a cross between Madonna and Kate Bush only she is totally and completly French. Which makes her totally cool in my book! Anyway, I like her music. It sounds very pop, but with a decided edge. Anyway, she has a new song and video (which I am trying to find on the internet to download as I’ve read it is quite interesting and full of scandal!) — and the song is awesome. Not sure of the actual lyrics, but she is most definitely pissed off about something and the chorus is quite catchy. The name of the song is “FUCK THEM ALL” — which pretty much gives you an idea of the song’s energy. LOL! It rocks — I urge you to check it out. The MP3 is out there and can be downloaded for nothing! Would love to hear some of the remixes. I believe Groove Armada and Mirwais have done remixes for her! Coolness abounds from Paris!

Hope you all have a great long weekend! Am not sure if I will be making any posts between now and Monday, but ya never know!


May 26, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. Miss Marisol replied:

    Matt —
    It sounds like you have a lovely weekend ahead of you…enjoy it, sweetie!

    I love Mylene Farmer…I’ll have to find that track. It sounds like my theme song for life!

  2. Anonymous replied:

    Hi Matt,

    I typed Mylene Farmer into my KAZA search and lo & behold , all the songs of Farmer appeared ! Ready to be downloaded !
    Gee, I do learn alot just from your writings.
    Thank’s alot Pal !

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