Well, kids, I had a great weekend!

Things got off to a fun start hanging out with Alan on Friday night. We had a simple and healthy meal at Mel’s Dinner. Alan forced me to eat a huge piece of fudge cake with ice cream. He was going to make me walk home if I didn’t consume the entrie thing! And, at long last, we saw the divine Isabelle Huppert further debase herself in a new transgressive film which juourneys into the fun world of crass tourism, incest, sodomy and suicide! Much fun!

While I can safely say that Ms. Huppert does deliver another amazing performance as MA MERE, I also must confess that the movie is just not good. Tho, somewhat interesting in presentation of a perverse spin of the whole mother/son/family dynamic — it wasn’t much fun to watch. And, I am sorry, but despite all efforts by cast and director — it was more comical than shocking. I am not sure if this film will ever open in the US, but I don’t want to provide any spoilers for any of you who love French film, Huppert and plan to see it — but the director’s choice to use “Happy Together” by the Turtles as the accompanying soundtrack of the confused son masturbating over the dead body of his mother was a poor choice on so many levels. Tho, it did provide some laughs for me and Alan.

Then on Saturday the weather was so gorgeous we had no choice but to walk to Daly City and slip into a megaplex and see the new Jett Li film, UNLEASHED. Cool premise, wimpy screenplay that tried too hard to be warm and fuzzy. Still, there were some way cool fight sequences and Bob Hoskins kicks major ass. Still, you could tell that Luc Besson was trying to bring back that edge which worked so well in LEON: THE PROFESSIONAL. He did not succeed.

Then, that evening, my pal, Milford, treated me to a delicious meal at a really cool restuarant on Market Street (I owe Milfored about a zillion nice meals!) and a fun evening of just hanging out and watching the fireworks of the Kaboom festival from the lush office view Milford enjoys on a daily basis! We had a perfect view of the Bay Bridge and the fireworks. I am not one for fireworks — the noises scare me. …stop making fun of me. Anyway, I was impressed. I had never seen fireworks programed to form smile faces, cubes and stars! Quite honestly, I did not know that was even possible. By far this was the most impressive show of explosives I’ve yet to see! And, then, we just chatted about everything from life to annuities. It was a nice Saturday evening.

But, today, magic really entered the picture. Once again — a perfect day filled with sunshine and fresh air. idealy suited to spending the afternoon in a dark, historic cinema.

Alan and I went into the Castro in preparation for the thing I’ve been waiting so long for!!! Anyway, we had a lovely “brunch” at The Cove, then met Bill — and, yes, we saw a newly restored 35mm print of Barbra and Redford in THE WAY WE WERE! I had never seen this film on the big screen. It was an amazing 2 hours filled with gorgeous music, romance, a really hot bare-chested Robert Redford and the most perfect finger nails to ever grace the screen! I was in a state of pure rapture. Bill enjoyed the movie and we had both commented on how good both Redford and Streisand were in the movie. However, I fear it was a bit of torture for Alan. Tho, as the great friend he is, he sat by me with a great deal of patience and only hid his eyes a couple of times. Anyway, there is no way to beat the bittersweet ending of two lovers who should be together, but just can’t! …and then the long fingers and nails brush the sandy blonde hair from his forehead, the music bubbles up and, yes, if we had the chance we would do it all again — whenever we remember — the way we were! Sigh.

It is funny, one forgets that movie is like 33 years old now — Babs and Bob were so young, slim and talented. The glimpses of two actors developing their craft was still present. No signs of worries over camera angles or quests for perfection — just pure movie star chemistry. Cool pour moi.

After Bill and I was able to get Alan’s pulse to come back, we head back into the beautiful sunlight! Bill convinced me that I needed to volunteer with him to work the upcoming GLAAD Event to be held here in SF — and to possibly volunteer at the Castro Debbie Reynolds event. Who knows maybe I will get to act stupid infront of the likes of Liza and Debbie! I am joining him at the GLBT Center for a GLAAD Events Volunteer meeting on Wednesday. I am such a klutz. Let’s hope they end up sitting me in a “safe place” folding scraps of paper vs. pouring wine or seating the mayor’s friends or anything! Seems like that is the sort of thing that Bill usually does. Last year he got to pour wine for Jane Russell — who, per Bill, is now about 3 feet tall.

Then, when we got a home — I had a phone message waiting for me from a really sweet and handsome man! Yay! We had a great conversation and am going to meet up with him tomorrow night in Berkely for some cheap eats and spend some more time together. Cool!

Then, Alan took me to the mythic place of which I had only heard reports — IN/OUT BURGERS! It was so cheap and good!!!! And, the sneaky bastards have a Krispey Kreme Super Store next door! Well, once again, Alan forced me to go into Krispey Kreme. I gave in and ordered a half dozen gems of joy. And, as I reached for my wallet, the cashier said, “No, free do-nuts for you!” ….People! Free Krispey Kreme Do-Nuts fresh off the hot press thing! I feel this was all a sign!

Tho, I still feel a bit ill and bloated from the consumption of the burger, fries, do-nuts and gallon of Diet Coke — it was such a great weekend — I have hopes that it is a sign that a job is going to happen for me this week!!!! Fingers crossed!

Oh, and I’ve finally posted a bunch of pix I’ve taken since having arrived in San Francisco — some from the miracle of today! If interested — just scroll down my links to the the final link to my on-line photos. When you go in — take a look at the pictures in the album entitled “San Francisco, This is Your Last Chance!”

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends!

May 22, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. Jon replied:

    What a jam packed weekend- though I have no idea who most of the people you mentioned are. Still, it’s good that you had fun, saw several very different types of films, and ate a somewhat toxic array of food. I don’t know why you bothered to get a diet coke with the fast food burger and krispey kreme!

  2. Anonymous replied:

    I needed to get off my ass and get my life back on track!

  3. snarl71 replied:

    Jeez, Matt! I need a weekend like that (minus the Barbra…and minus the soda…and minus the fast food). Well, maybe I don’t need a weekend like that. But I’m jealous of the fun part. I’m ready to explore new places.

  4. g8s replied:

    Sounds like you had a well-deserved good time; glad to hear it!

  5. Doug replied:

    What is this Krispy Kreme SUPER Store??? How does it vary from a normal store?? As one of their biggest fans..I must know 🙂

    Glad to read that you are settling into life in Gay Mecca 🙂

    Hugs. Doug.

  6. Karyn replied:

    Matt! Love love love your photo album! Makes me wonder if I’m missing something in California. You and your gorgeous friends. Go on witcha bad self! And you have no reason to envy anyone their looks; your looks are way good. 🙂

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