Match.com sent me an email listing out my ideal love matches for the week. Interestingly enough, the folks at match.com feel that I am the best possible match for myself this week! Sadly, according to the match.com scientists — there is only an 87% chance that I am actually going to be able to make myself happy as a mate. However, I was thinking — with a bit of focus and compromise, I bet I could build a very rewarding and romantic life with myself. Tho, no matter how I feel, I have to insist that I give myself the freedom to be me. If I think I am going to be clingly or possessive, I have another thing coming. I will not put up with that co-dependent crap. Affection is great and I love spending time with me, but I don’t need to spend every waking minute with myself. I mean, that just isn’t healthy!

…maybe that is why match.com has determined that I am only an 87% chance of success in relationship with myself. Hmmmm.

Dating is hard enough — and, now I am expected to date myself?!?!? Oy! The pressure!!!


May 16, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. Underling replied:

    OMG!!! The same exact thing happened to me about a month ago with my Yahoo ad.

    I figured that if I was only 73% compatible with myself, I may as well give up the search.

    Oh well, at least it was better than the time my brother’s profile came up as my best match!

  2. thomas replied:

    i’m already dating myself, and i don’t care how compatible we are, we’re going to make it work no matter what!

  3. snarl71 replied:

    Oh, Matt – watch out for yourself! I lived with him for nearly 10 years and, man, could I tell you stories about him!

    Still, he’s a real sweet guy. Just don’t mention Barbra Streisand.

  4. g8s replied:

    I can see why Match.com would pair you up with yourself; it sounds great in theory, but you have to look at the impracticality of it all. I mean, when you walk yourself home after the date, do you invite yourself up for a drink? What do you do if you’re both tops? What would your parents think if you brought yourself home to meet them? And if you eventually broke up, how would you divide your possessions? Best to stay clear, Matt. I’m sure he’s very charming, and probably knows you better than you know yourself, but really, it’s for the best. And if you insists on calling you, pretend nobody’s home.

  5. Karyn replied:

    A whole new approach to self love, isn’t it?

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