I was thinking about the music that helps us get our respective grooves on and started listing out the songs which I feel are the most sexy out there. Here is my list, in no particular order:

“Crash” by the Dave Matthews Band. Very straight, but I find the lyrics and the soft sound of his voice so very erotic. And, I relate to the idea of sex as being a way to fully understand the world of another. A deep connection.

“Justify My Love” by Madonna — this song just sounds and even feels like really hot sex to me.

Any song sung by Jean-Luis Murat. Better than Barry White in terms of sounding so very sexy/erotic. And because I do not speak French I am left to simply imagine what he is singing!

“Kelly Watch The Stars” by AIR. Actually, I find much of AIR’s music to be quite seductive.

“Hot Trip to Heaven” by Love & Rockets — very sexy.

“Coming Down” by Daniel Ash

“Lost Inside of You” by Babs and Kris Kristoferson — pure sexy belly-rubbin’ music, baby!

“Strange Fruit” performed by Billie Holiiday. I just find this song and performance to be very erotic

“Love to Love You, Baby” by Donna Summer —- a 17 minute orgasm. How can that be beat?

“Get Me Off” by Basement Jaxx. Hot. Sweaty. Raw.

And, then the “after glow” music:

“Honey, Can I Wear Your Clothes” by Barbra Streisand. Very erotically charged romantic song. And, of course you know Babs is going to make my list at least twice. No seriously, if you’ve never heard this song — very eroitc.

Stan Getz or Chet Baker playing something soft and dreamy.

The sound of Damien Rice or Arthur H’s voices singing anything.

Feel free to post the songs you feel are the sexiest out there. And, no, I have never found Prince’s music to be erotic — I like it, but it always feels tounge in cheek to me.

April 16, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. Spuntino replied:

    I vote for Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas and Turning Japanese by The Vapors. Then again there’s always Ready To Take A Chance Again by Barry Manilow … sigh.

    Won’t he ever come out???

  2. Anonymous replied:

    I know! Of course, he is so gay there isn’t much reason to bother! LOL! kisses, matt

  3. snarl71 replied:

    “Bob’s Yer Uncle” by Happy Monday’s. Lyrically I’ve got no clue what that song is about (although they do repeat “Why don’t you do it to me, why don’t you do those things to me?”) the beats and his vocals are just so sensual…great sex music.

    Also, in the realm of nasty/raw sex…Closer, by Nine Inch Nails.

    Oh, and I like “I Feel Love”, by Donna Summer.

  4. no milk replied:

    “Cream” by Prince 🙂

  5. g8s replied:

    Ah, Love & Rockets! Hear, hear! I’d like to cast my vote for “Feelin’ Love” by Paula Cole. I’m not a fan of hers, but that song wins my award for most explicitly erotic song with good vocab words.

  6. Blakhope9 replied:

    Music by any of the following people gets me in the mood:
    Barry White (the voice)
    Prince (c’mon “I Wanna Be Your Lover”, “Sexuality”, “InternationalLover”)
    Metallica (yes Metallica)
    And some Barbra works for me too….

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