Today should be a great day! The weather is nice and it is not too cold or too hot! And, tonight I have an invitation to join a very different friend and her family for dinner! I am all excited because I have silly little gifts for the kids — who, by the way, are the cutest kids on the planet! My only concern is I have to meet my friend at a bus stop in an area of town which I’ve not been in well over 2 years. …and we all know I’ve no sense of direction!

Anway, I was walked over to Cambridge to enjoy the sunlight and breeze. Picked up a “Flu Fighter” smoothie because I am all about fighting the flu with thick shakes! I had my Walkman on and was wallking to the sounds of Kate Bush and that hill she is always running up when I an unusual posting on a telephone pole caught my eye. At first glance, I thought it was one of those missing signs for a pet. Those signs always bum me out, but I feel compelled to read them just in case I might come across someone’s precious little dog or cat and get them back to their homes.

Well, it was a missing notice someone had made up and printed out at a copy shop — but it was of a young man. The picture on the sign was of a handsome young kid in scrubs — looked as if he might be a med student or resident. The piece of paper taped to the pole read that he was last seen on April 5th at one of the Boston subway stops. Information was provided about how to contact his family and close friend in the event that somone knows where he might be or if someone has seen him. He is a little guy — 5 foot 4 inches and weighs in at 130 pounds. I don’t know. It was one of those sad moments when you get a sinking feeling. Something is very wrong and you worry that whatever is going to be discovered or learned will not be good. I felt for his friends and family.

How very horrible it would be for a friend or loved one to just vanish. And, how very sad to imagine being in a situation where you have to make a sign and post it around town in hopes that someone will have seen or might find him. I found myself wishing I was looking at a missing cat or dog sign — and, not a missing person.

Maybe he just got fed up and ran away to a different place and has started calling himself by a different name. Maybe he went missing on purpose. Maybe he is OK.

Oh, by the way I listened to a Merideth Monk CD at Borders and it was beautiful — piano music. A bit on the sparse/modern side not to far north of P. Glass — but she brings more “heart” and melody to her work. Or at least that was the case with the CD I was able to play at the Listening Station. The recording was from 1981 and was called “Dolmen Music”
..find it odd that she has been around so long and I’ve been unaware of her. Most def. worth a listen!

April 14, 2005. Uncategorized.

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