Don’t you just hate it when you make a call to a business and the person who picks up says something like, “Hi! My name is Rachel! How can I save money for you today?”

And, of course, you know that poor Rachel probably hates having to say it more than you hate having to hear her say it.

Does this form of PR/Sales/Marketing still work or didn’t this sort of thing go out with our grandparents? I just find it annoying.

Also, if anyone out there knows something I don’t please correct me. However, I do believe that late Susan Sontag’s last work came our way today via the release of the new Fischerspooner CD. Ms. Sontag is credited with some of the lyrics to a song called “We Need A War” …some how it does seem fitting that the woman who studied and analyzed pop culture would leave us with a contribution to what is probably the most ultimate pop art band since The Velvet Underground.

Still, does this make pop culture more relavent or more pointless?

Personally, despite all of her writing and flirtations with film — my favorite contribution from Sontag was her all too brief cameo in Woody Allen’s ZELIG.

April 5, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. Underling replied:

    I remember working retail in college and being forced to answer the phone with often longwinded statements like this: “Thank you for calling Waldenbooks at Quail Springs Mall where all bargain books are buy four get the fifth one free and Preferred Readers save 10% every day. This is John, how can I help you?”

    And as much as I hate haveing to say it, I was always explosively angry when the caller felt the need to make some joking reference like, “that’s quite a mouthful!”

  2. matty replied:

    yeah, I didn’t take my annoyance out on poor “Rachel” — I was nice. I promise!

  3. snarl71 replied:

    Was Rachel from Ing Direct? he he.

    Actually, that wasn’t so bad. When I was in college working at CD/video shop we were required to answer the phone and announce upcoming pre-order videos *usually Disney shit). So, our greeting was:

    “Good afternoon. Thank you for calling Record Town and Saturday Matinee where you can order your copy of Disney’s Fantasia. My name is Karl, how can I help you?”

    People would get so pissed! But district and regional management would call us just to make sure we did it (and reprimand us if we didn’t).

    So, trust me – I think Rachel rolls her eyes every time she picks up the phone.

  4. Jon replied:

    I was in a cab a few days ago going past a newly opened Commerce Bank, and was shocked that I saw a man in a suit standing outside with a professionally made sign that said ‘Honk if you want free checking’. Needless to say, nobody honked, and i felt horrible for the man.

  5. adrock2xander replied:

    KungFu Hustle’s pretty old in Asia…watch it only coz Stephan Chow is a funny ass hat…he’s been doin physical comedies for decades…watch some of his earlier works if you can…im sure you can get it dubbed (though terrible) from some obscure DVD shop…

    Get some popcorn and laugh ya ass off…

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