I just saw an exceptional film from Thailand — which is a unusual as I tend to find Thai films poorly made. At any rate, should you like horror films and get the chance — do not miss SHUTTER! Tho the filmmakers borrow a bit from the Janpanese film cycle, RINGU, — this horror flick has enough going for it that makes it very effective! Very creepy! I am not sure if it has ever been released in the US, but I was able to get it on DVD.

Speaking of Asian cinema — as I’ve written before, I think some of the finest films being produced at this time are coming out of Korea. One of the best films I’ve seen in years is finally making it to the US this month on the 15th! If you’re lucky enough to live in a city that will be showing OLDBOY starting April 15th — be sure to see it! Awesome film! Choi Min-Sik is my new favorite actor! Warning, tho — not a movie for the sqeamish! If you are a purist, pursue the Korean version which can be found on DVD as the US/UK version has been trimed and altered by about 8 minutes.

Oh! And my new pal, Milford, sent me a CD of Hawaiian hula music by Mark Keali’i Ho’omatu. The CD is titled “Call It What You Like” and it is an amazingly beautiful collection of music unlike anything I’ve ever heard. Qutie haunting and rhythmic. Actually, Milford has turned me on to a whole new cultural celebration thru the practice of hula. And, kids, there is a lot more to it than you probably think! If interested, check out http://www.naleihulu.org ! And, if you’re feeling adventurous — check out this CD! It is quite interesting!

April 3, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. Doug replied:

    I think your love of Hawaiian music comes from your new fetish of wearing grass skirts and doing the hula 🙂

  2. adrock2xander replied:

    SHUTTER is amazingly creepy coz it borrows traditional Asian mysteries…tales of horrors and folk lores that are steeped in history…Asian horror is different…and ultimately scarier than Hollywood (read: white) horror coz there’s an element of foreboding and fear of being alone…

    Compare that to Hollywood horror where it’s all slash and gore…Asian horror almost never uses them…it’s what we already know that spooks us out…

    Im glad ya watchin SHUTTER though…fuckin pee-ed in ya pants i reckon? 😛 Asian movies arent given a chance by the Western world…

  3. Anonymous replied:

    Thank’s to you,Matt, Breeze 99.5 has become one of my favorite stations. I love the Hawaii’n music and am checking into the CD you mentioned. Many thank’s !
    Great writing , keep it up !
    Taurusman. (werner)

  4. Tim replied:

    I managed to miss a Korean film season at my local cinema a few months ago, so I’m really hoping to try and catch the next one in London in a couple of months, I’d definitely like to see films Oldboy in the cinema, it’s always better than watching them on a little TV at home. Haven’t heard of Shutter before though, so will keep an eye out for that. Cheers!

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