Ok, so I know that their name is a bit off-putting, but Crazy Penis is a great recording duo! At least I think “they” are two people — DJ People, to be exact. Anyway, if you’ve not been charmed by Crazy Penis I suggested that each of you check it out. There are 2 CD’s out there (there were 3, but one has been out of print for a while) — Anyway, “Wicked Is The Music” is the best of the two in the man’s opinion. Any funky chill-out CD that opens with samples from Willy Wonka deserves a bit of attention. Great collective groove!

My new pal, Milford, is turning me on to Hawiian music! I just listened to about 4 tracks and I really like it. For some reason the sound makes me think a bit of the music I’ve heard from Peru — minus the pan flutes. I believe the band I liked the most on these 4 tracks is called Hapa. Also reminded me a bit of some of the music that Emmylou Harris and Daniel Lanois have created in the past.

It is always cool to “discover” new music and sounds.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


March 31, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. no milk replied:

    crazy penis is a great name! not off-putting at all!

  2. taurusmen replied:

    crazy penis ? hmmm.
    Sure got my attention LOL

  3. Will replied:

    Crazy Penis sounds like a couple of tricks I had in the “old days” before Fritz and I got married and he made an honest homo out of me. “Crazy” in their cases was a VERY positive thing. 🙂

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