Good news! I am finally starting to drop the weight I’ve gained over the course of the past 6 months! Now, please do not read more into this than one should. Tho, according to that weight/height standard chart thing the doctors post in their offices, I’ve got 40 pounds to go before I am at my “ideal” weight. I am just over 5 foot 8 inches —- so I believe that means I should weigh in at 150lbs. At my age, I just feel that this would be too thin — besides I enjoy food too much to even dream of going back to that weight and while I am certainly interested in improving my excercise lifestyle —- I am not so interested that I want to devote my life to losing and maintaining that sort of weight. Life is too short. Anyway, I feel that I look best at about 175 to 180 — so, I am establishing a target weight of 170. As I weighed in at 197 last week — this means I need to drop 30lbs. Am now working out a bit and am slowly cutting out all sugar —- and in just a few days I can now fit back into my “designer” jeans! Yay! AND — I am now able to wear this sweater thing I purchased from the Diesel online store.

About 2 weeks ago, Amazon.Com sent me an email telling me how much they miss me and supplied me with 2 nice little certificates. One for clothing and the other for music/movies/books. I felt a bit of adventure creeping into my consumer spirit — and, yes, I will admit it. The recent marketing angles taken by the folks at Diesel have appealed to me. So, I visited the Diesel store with my Amazon.Com gift certificate. I saw a model who looked just a bit old enough to vote in a cool sweater. I thought to myself, “Why not?!!” —– I ordered it. It took my whole certificate plus $10.00 out of pocket. Am not going to post how much — but let us just say that my new Diesel sweater is not cheap. Any of you kids who shop Diesel are probably all too aware of the cost of all things Diesel — but, hey — these things are really cool.

Well, the sweater arrived about a week ago. It didn’t fit. Well, OK — I could put it on. However, I looked like Billy Crystal in RABBIT TEST. …meaning, I looked like I was “with child”

So, imagine my surprise when I noticed that I could wear my fave designer jeans again this morning — AND the Diesel sweater — while not wonderously flattering, did not make me look deformed or anything! Now, after I put it on and walked about a bit I noticed that I could feel “drafts” all about my upper person. Those designing charmers at Diesel decided to go all Flashdance on my ass! …only with more of a “let’s go a bit retro and let’s also make it look like this customer is so piss poor that his sweater has holes in it! Yes, my new sweater is threadbare and holed. It is far too late to return it as I discarded the box and packing slip when it arrived — and, for some reason, I kind of like it and think I might look good in it about 10 more pounds from now.

I wore it all day today and only one person made fun of me. …thank you, Karl. LOL!

Ah, it isn’t easy being a fashion victim in clothes that are technically too small for my person — but since AbFab went off the air one of us needs to do it! Speaking of which — Edina and Patsy are gearing up for another series on BBC!!!! I never tire of those characters! I even liked Series 4!


March 24, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. snarl71 replied:

    I didn’t make fun of you, per se. I just commented that I didn’t realize your financial woes were as serious as that sweater made them appear.

    It was then that you corrected me and informed me that those holes and tears were there in the name of fashion. Then I chuckled.

  2. Doug. replied:

    Say whatever he will about the sweater Matt, at least you don’t have the ‘gay accent’ that Karl has….LMAO..( a little crossblog humor).

  3. Jon replied:

    So are the holes supposd to be there, or is it an accident? Diesel still has cool jeans, but a lot of their other stuff seems ugly to me now. boohoo

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