The doctor felt that I needed some medicinal assistance with sleeping. However, after I lying in bed for over an hour I decided to write a post! And, as you’re reading this — I really want to bring you ideas and concepts of interest. …to put thoughts into my post that will both entertain and enlighten you.

well, that isn’t going to happen. so, instead I shall list out a few things that have been tossing about my brain.

1. I really felt homesick for Karl today. French & Saunders have released 2 new DVD’s of their BBC specials. We used to have such fun watching those. And, tonight as I watched a skit in which Jennifer Saunders attempted to explain to Dawn French why she had been invited to appear on the reality show “Celebrity Fit Farm” I was wishing that Karl was around to laugh. ..Or watching Dawn French play Rene Z to Jennefer Saunder’s Nicole K in their spoof of COLD MOUNTAIN — now entitiled COLD TURKEY. Just watching a confused Ms. Kidman and squinty eye’d Rene trying to get their respective accents right by repeating “How Are You?” in various depths of voice was just so fucking funny! As they began a spoof of TROY — I had to stop watching becaue my sides hurt. It would have been fun to watch with Karl.

2. A few weeks ago I plugged in my video copy of Babs in A STAR IS BORN — shut up, it is my favorite Barbra movie and I will not tolerate attitude! LOL! Anyway, the video and the built in VCR broke. The video is no longer in print and Babs has yet to “sign off” her approval for the DVD release. I was so upset as this movie is celluloid soul food for me. Anyway, my very sweet friend, George, actually managed to find ASIB on DVD for me!!!!! …not an easy task and not one I am comfortable providing much detail about! Just suffice to say — that Barbra’s afro has not looked this good in decades!!

3. I am really enjoying the new book by Tori Amos and post-femminist Ann Powers, PIECE BY PIECE. If anyone out there decides to pick it up to read be prepared for a great deal of discussion around the works of Jung and the various theories around myth, archtypes and the urgent importance of wearing cool shoes at all times. It is all quite interesting, but not the normal sort of work one expects from a “auto biograhpy” …it is really a more a collection of thoughts that tie in with the career and work of a musical/lyrical artiste infused with the commentary and challenges of a curious journalist. I don’t know, I think one has to respect a woman like Tori Amos, who, within the span of a 3 sentences discusses her frustration at not being able to garden properly, the deadly curse of the egomaniac taking over an artist’s work and the advice she received from the Great Dark One, Lucifer, regarding her level of self-doubt. It is all quite surreal — but not all at once.

4. I continue to find myself being shocked at the cruelty of others. And, I do not mean the cruelties employed by world leaders — but people with whom I have had interpersonal relationships for years. Whatever happened to loyalty, friendship and love. I am also seeing the same thing happen to other people I care for — and I hate that it makes me sad vs. angry.

5. I am in process of consolidating all of my many DVD’s/CD’s into a way cool new system designed by a company in California. It is modeled after medical files. It also eliminates the need for DVD keep cases and CD jewel boxes. At first it bothered me, but now as I see all of these items taking up not even a fraction of the room that they once required — I am in love with the DiscSox system. If one of you has too many DVD’s/CD’s like moi — this is a God-Send of a solution.

6. Ok, I want to see “Be Cool” …I don’t think this makes me a bad person!

7. I found a place out of state that can take LP’s which are not avaialable on CD and put them on to CD — and by use of special software can “clean up” the sound quality to make the recording sound every bit as good as any remastered/reissued CD of an analog recording. It is amazing. …and, it is legal because they sell you the LP — with a copy made to CD. The CD comes unadorned — so, this business is just providing a service to move an out-moded format to a new one so that the art can be appreciated. …and only one copy per LP. Most cool. If someone wants to know more, drop me a line.

8. My mother is coming for a visit this week. Say a little prayer for us both.

9. I think I am in love with Joe Dallesandro. It can’t be helped.

10. If Sandy Dennis were still alive, I wonder if she would be doing a one-woman shoe off Broadway? I like to think that she would. It would have been painfully neurotic, odd and quite funny. Speaking of Sandy Dennis — the Gen X version of Ms. Dennis, Juilette Lewis, will be releasing her first full CD by her “super group” Juliette & The Licks — next month. No matter what you might be thiking — she and her band are really good. I mean, you would have to have an appreciation for the 70’s punk sound of Patti Smith Group or the early 90’s sound of PJ Harvey — but if those sounds appeal to you — Ms. Lewis’ band will blow your mind. They have a website that will let you listen to 3 of their songs and there is an EP out there — but it is VERY hard to find anymore. I think that they might really break out!

11. I have been emailing with the sweetest, cutest and funny guy in California — he sent me a CD Rom slide show which presents his personality and personal style in pictures. I love this slide show! Milford — if you’re out there, you rock!

Well, I guess I shall go lay down and stare up at the ceiling for several hours.

And, please — kiss them all for me!

March 14, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. snarl71 replied:

    Just a few random thoughts of my own:

    1 – I would have loved to have been there for that. If you’re in the mood for laughing again, let me know. Maybe I can pop by this weekend.

    2 – Oy vey. Babs, Babs and more Babs. Does the world at large know that as part of our divorce, you gave me possession of some Babs CD’s (and a DVD) because everybody should have some Babs?

    3 – I think we still have some sort of Karmic (karma95-ic?) connection because as I’m reading about your Tori Amos stuff…I’m listening to her myself.

    4 – if you want to talk, let me know. If I’m one of those people, then screw you (kidding).

    8 – God help all of us.

    9 – You’ve been in love with him for ages.

    11 – I’m curious

  2. Hot Toddy replied:

    I just wanted to stop by and give you a cyber hug. I would watch French & Saunders with you if I could. Very few comedians make me laugh so hard as they do! Much love to you, Matt!

  3. Jon replied:

    I love French and Saunders- I think my favorite skit of theirs is the Braveheart spoof, which let’s face it, was one of the most overdone, melodramatic films ever made.

    And be careful of prescription sleeping pills- those things are quite potent. I had insomnia my senior year in highschool, and my doc prescribed some to me. I was to take one 30 minutes before bed, and whenever i took one, the walls of my room seemed to be rippling like water. Scary! They also gave me fucked up, intense nightmares.

  4. Karyn replied:

    First, about the “i hate it makes me sad instead of angry” thing – can I just say, sadness will eventually morph into anger. That is just the natural progression of these things. Those of us who get stuck in ‘sad’ take a while getting to angry, but it does happen, with situations such as these, as well as any kind of grief. Not that it makes it any easier.

    For the record, while not a Babs Fan persay, I have been holding young William up to the mirror so he can see himself and peeping out of one side of my mouth, “Hello GAWGEOUS”. He thinks it’s pretty funny.

    Who is this Allesandro person? Is he worthy?

    I loved sleeping pills and look forward to the time when I can take them again. Ambien is, pharmacologically, a hypnotic drug and I found it immensely helpful. Ditto Ativan and Xanax, (altho I don’t think those are hypnotics) but again, pregnancy throws me off all the good stuff to the point where the only meds I can take are Tylenol and Sudafed. Gak.

    Hugs to you, Matty.

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