During a rather frustrating and challenging Friday afternoon the conceirge desk notified me that I had a delivery downstairs. Worried that I had some other strange item coming in from Ebay — I took the elevator down. Imagine my surprise when I was greeted wtih one of those long boxes from FTD filled with a dozen red roses!!!

No one has ever “sent” me flowers before, so I was puzzled as to who would be sending ME such beautiful flowers. I opened the card and three of my favorite people on the planet decided to send me roses to wish me a happy Valentine’s Day! Christopher, Nick and Brendan are the children of one of my dear friends, Angie. Suddenly, my bad day turned happy! If you want to see the flowers, just scroll down to my online photo album link and look at the album labeled “Flower Pour Moi!”

This got my weekend off to a great start. I hung out with two friends, Chee-Keng and George. Actually, George needed to get away from the mountain of work he has been climbing regarding the RI Film Festival — so he stayed thru this morning. We watched lots of cool DVD’s, talked about film and politics for hours, took in the new documentary, INSIDE DEEP THROAT, at the Kendall Square Cinema in Cambridge — It has been a very relaxing and nice weekend. I insisted that George take the bed as I actually find the sofa to be more comfortable. Anyway, he was kind enough to treat me to brunch a little while ago.

And, this evening —- I’ve a date! Well, actually, I am going to have the pleasure of meeting up with an individual from match.com for dinner. I am probably the only person on the planet who enjoys meeting new people this way. You always hope that there could be a magical connection waiting for you, but logically it is just an opportunity to meet someone with some common interests. At the very worst, I think we can become friends! It is a rather unusual time in my life to be meeting guys, but the one thing I seem to have a lot of right now is time — so, as long as the doctor is cool with it, why not step out for dinner to meet someone? Exactly!

There is another intersting fellow who I hope to meet soon! Fingers crossed!

Ah, yes, the fun world of dating! …and medication withdrawl! LOL! Better to laugh!


February 13, 2005. Uncategorized.


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