You know how Laurie Anderson once said that walking was simply catching yourself just before you fall? Well, I wasn’t doing a very good job at catching myself today. I feel down like 5 times. Not hurt or anything — but I sure am tired of dealing with all of these odd side effects from the meds. Met with the doctor yesterday and he is going to drop me off one of the meds within the next three weeks as the “tapering down” continues. However, he is still concerned about tapering the main problem drug just yet. UGH!!!!!

Poor Karl got really sick yesterday into today. I think he has strep. I picked up some soup and over-the-counter medicines for him. Of course I had to push him to take the medicine. He was feeling a bit better, but looked really sick.

Of course, I know that I will come down with whatever he has within the next 24 to 48 hours as my luck would have it. Almost willing to be on it! LOL!

Hot Toddy is going to help me promote my brother’s art gallery showing in NY! Of course he is requiring to pay him off in the most obscene of ways. However, being that this was at my suggestion and that I look forward to the big pay off — am not really sure who is paying off whom? who? …my degree is in English. Tho, my writing style would never indicate this.

love and kisses,


February 8, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. Underling replied:

    You are too cute with your Andy Gibb doll. (They actually made those???)

    Glad to hear about your brother’s show, and glad to hear you had a nice visit this weekend.

    What’s with the falling down? That’s clearly messed up. I think your Doctor may be a little crazy himself for keeping you on these meds.

  2. Rae replied:

    Are you referring to the performance artist Laurie Anderson? I dont know how many Andersons there are, and if you are, then awesome, because it seems like no one has a clue who she is whenever I talk about her.

  3. Jon replied:

    Hope you feel better soon, Matt!

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