Had a really nice visit with my brother this past weekend! It was so cool to see him —- and he looks most cool with his long hair. Now, if he will just get a perm!!!! (smile!) —- Posted some new pix, just scroll down and check out my online photo albums. Anyway, I hope I didn’t bore him too much! We didn’t do too much. I had very little energy.

Anyway, if any of you reading this are in NY or will be in The City at the time, please check it out and help me spread the word! I am really proud of him for securing this! I am going to try to get down there for a weekend to check it out!!!

Here is the info!

His show will be held in The Lab Gallery which is next door to The Roger Smith Hotel at 501 Lexington Ave (right near the Grand Central subway stop.

The dates for the show are March 17th thru March 26th

contact info:

Matthew Semler
Artistic Director
The Lab Gallery


Please help me spread the word, kids!!!!


February 7, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. Karyn replied:

    Oh Matt. Oh heavens. That Ugly With Pig photo – oh my, my, my. It does defy description, dunnit? Sorry things didn’t work out with Creepy Betty. However! It is way, WAY cool about your brother’s art show on Lex in NYC! There is a hotel there where I am dying to stay. I still love the picture of God you have. That is just wonderful. I miss you.
    Love, K

  2. Anonymous replied:

    Hey Matt….Doug here…..OOH the Roger Smith Hotel!! I LOVE that place…if you go down for the show you should stay there. Its a very small boutique place (and if I am right, the art gallery is part of the lobby of the hotel. I have stayed there many times and never been unhappy 🙂 Maybe I should go with you!

  3. Jon replied:

    I’m definitely interested in going. Are you coming down then?

  4. Robert replied:

    Nice pictures of you and your bro! 🙂 O but what’s up with that Andy Gibb doll? The picture in the back, the doll looks like Lady Di! O good lord! hahaha! That alone is a collector’s item in itself!

  5. matty replied:

    Doug — I would love to do that, but with my current situation I am still not sure that my doctor will let me go. And, if I do —- I have to watch my spending. So, I will be crashing with Roy for a night.

  6. Anonymous replied:

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