The sale of our condo closed yesterday. It took all day. Mostly me and Karl just waiting. We were both a bit bummed about the “profit” once all was said and done. However, it is done and we are no longer home owners. To be quite honest, I do not enjoy home owning. I want someone else to fix things.

With everything else going on in my life, I guess the sale of the condo was a bit stressful to me. Came down with a horrible migraine last night. Head still feels as if someone stuck a spike thru my skull, but other than that — am feeling fine! Smile!

I boxed up my robotic dog, Betty — impulse purchase from Hell, and handed the seemingly posessessed toy to Karl who is going to sell her on Ebay for me. I am sure that there is someone out there who will want to give the evil thing a home. Speaking of evil things —- check out the Fresh Hell now in my kitchen. Just scroll down to bottom of my links and go into my on-line photo albums. Yet another one of those mysterious purchases made while in the doctor-induced horror of withdrawl as they get me off this med combo I should have never been on in the first place. This thing in the kitchen is so very ugly that it makes my purchase of the nude Burt Reynolds pocket mirror seem like a dream purchase! LOL!

My Merry Maid team just left. I love those two ladies even tho I am unable to pronounce their names or understand anything they say to me. The apartment smell so clean — and, once again, I marvel at the very careful re-placement of my knick-knacks. My interest in wathching them spend so much time placing them in different ways after they’ve dusted/polished is probably more telling than the way they do this, but I just love watching those ladies re-arrange my stuff. It feels like they are putting their own stamp of personality in my home and I just love that. Of course, I spend about 20 minutes carefully placing everything back as it should be! …but I do enjoy watching their processes. And, I have to say, I almost agreed with one of the ladies choice to place the fairy on globe closer to the Scary Thai Doll. However, after careful consideration — I have moved the fairy farther from the doll. Better to be safe than sorry!

My brother is coming to visit tomorrow! My pal, Bethie, is stopping by Sunday afternoon before she spends a romantic evening with her love. Sunday is their one year anniversary of dating!!!!

Oh! And, one of the Merry Maid ladies figured out how to remove the odd stain left by my right hand on my iBook G4! It took me only a few minutes to explain the issue to her and WHAM — the stain that has perplexed me for a couple of weeks is gone. Don’t know how she did it, but I love her. I love Merry Maids!

Oh, I just finished reading HAROLD’S END by JT LeRoy. It blew me away! The illustrations are amazing as well. And in a rare move, I have decided to keep it! Now, I am eager to read his other two novels!


February 4, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. snarl71 replied:

    Your purchases are scaring the shit out of me. The Fresh hell doll is the creepiest thing – worse than Aibo/Betty.

    No wonder you’re not well…you’ve got these things haunting you.

  2. matty replied:

    No, aside from the spike which has been driven thru my skull and my lack of sleep — I am fine and dandy. LOL! I just sent my doctor a nasty gram telling him that I expect to be off this med by next week. This is all dragging out way too long!

    Yeah, well. Ugly is pretty unsettling — but I think she is harmless. …Unlike scary Thai doll. At least Betty has left the building!

  3. Underling replied:

    Okay…Fresh new Hell is a pretty scary thing…but the Scary Thai Doll is going to give me nightmares now…

  4. Anonymous replied:

    Hey Matty….Its Doug (in Salem here). I actually LIKE the scary Thai doll…it really caught my eye when I was looking at your pics….LOL. You have bought some beautiful glass pieces as well 🙂 So for each of those, you get one bum item…not bad…LOL. Hope all is well.

  5. matty replied:

    Ian — I know. I am so sorry. However, for now, I am the only one in danger. I’ve actually slept in the same room with it. I thought I heard it’s clay feet running across the “par-gay” tiles —- but when I looked up it was just sitting there with its head just ever so tilted to the right more than it had been. I am telling you, this Thai doll is some scary shit.

    Doug — you just don’t know. You need to come over and actually see it. I will not let you touch it for fear it will curse you. I feel just like Karen Black in that bad 70’s movie with the doll!!!!

  6. Jon replied:

    I know taste is relative, but you need to stop buying this stuff. It’s starting to scare me! ^_~

  7. Anonymous replied:

    Its Doug again….Hmmmmm…I still find her pictures to be very peaceful and serene. Perhaps it is the spirit of her owner trying to email you back THROUGH her that is scaring you?

  8. matty replied:

    No, but the thing is I ordered a ton of crap off ebay on the 5th day that the doctor was taking me off that evil med and I do not remember making this purchases. …they just started showing up. I had ignored the emails because I thought it was all spam. OIi!

    Tonight I received an Andy Gibb doll. I own an Andy Gibb doll which has never been removed from the orgianal packing.

    Doug — You know, I honestly would not have kept the Thai doll except that according to the shipping label it shipped out of Thailand 3 days prior to the Tsunami. I sent an email to that seller and I’ve never heard back from him. I feel like I need to keep it in a space of honor even if it does come alive when I am asleep! …no, but it is kind of sad, isn’t it?

  9. Anonymous replied:

    Its Doug….yeah it is sad…how bizarre to think that when it was sent people were just living their lives not knowing how their lives would change.

    And goin back to that awful Karen Black movie..I found this on Ebay…when will it arrive?


  10. Anonymous replied:

    For your info, this is a new service for sellers to find buyers on eBay: http://www.tobayornottobay.com Please feel free to delete this comment if you wish. Thanks!

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