Last night, as I bounced about the apartment, I found a Mrs. Beasley doll on line for a good price!

I hope that I am not the only one who remembers FAMILY AFFAIR with fondness. I think it was way into “re-runs/syndication” when I used to see it in the 70’s — because I think the show took place in the 60’s. Anyway, secretly, I always wanted Buffy’s odd little doll. Even as a small child I found it quite curious that a little girl would so love a doll made to look like an old lady in an ugly blue outfit. I could never imagine a real person wanting a doll of an old woman to hold like a teddy bear — but I was totally into the whole oddness of the sitcom moment.

Also, I figure Mrs. Beasley might be able to protect me from Betty. I have decided that I do not like Betty. She is just creepy! If she doesn’t stop with the head moving and the little lights blinking she is going to be moved into a closet! Someone needs to show me how to sell on Ebay vs. buy — I think Betty is about to be sold. Unless Thomas wants her.

Tommy, are ya out there? Just let me know if you want the robotic dog. Am sure the cats could hold their own with her!

Ah, Family Affair. Does anybody else remember Uncle Bill? He had the best ass.

Yes, I am admitting it all on this post. I am coming clean with all of my secrets and desires. I wanted that old lady doll —- and Uncle Bill. But, Sissy was a bitch, Jodie squeaked when he talked and the fat butler was a jerk.

Oh, I think the doctor needs to let me return to work! LOL!

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Well, as many of you know I am having to go through a fairly dramatic shift in my medications. I have been put out on medical leave while the meds and I bond to the point that I am functioning well enough to work. Yeah, it is a regualr paper bag of fun! I am missing work, but I know that they are right. I am not really up for working until this is all settleed. It should not take too long.

Now, you would think this would be a perfect time for me to train my Sony Aibo Robotic Dog, Betty. However I just can’t seem to get past this current stage. Right now she is sitting on her pod, fully charged and waiting for me to put her into “on” mode and start to give her instrction and train her. However, even tho she is in off mode — she will make this really strange sort of coo-ing sound and tilt her head. …and it looks like her eyes blink. I swear — if she gets off that pod and comes near me I am going run away in fear!!

Betty just creeps me out!!! However, I am determined to get some form of fun out of what was really a stupid impulse purchase. And, no, I can’t return her. Ugh!

As many of you know I am trying to get back into the swing of dating. Of coures that gets to take a back seat until this med things is taken care of and I can go back to work, but I still get messages from the various dbases with which I am registered. Now, my profiles are very honest and straight-forward. Just looking to make some friends, and, if there should be a connection I would certainly enjoy dating. —- Long term relationship is something I do want, but i think that will come with time — very rare that it could just happen.

However so many men just don’t bother to read — so this man sends me the following message:

“Hey, cutie! I am looking for a hot fuck buddy. I have
enough friends, tho. Respond back and we can hook up

Can I hear a “NO WAY, JOSE!” in the House?????

matt in withdrawl and adjustments. …and bored.

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Well, it is another exciting evening at Matt’s Bit of Space. The weather was such total crap today, I just stayed in and I think I have played on my iBook all day! I did take one brief break this afternoon to watch the newly released DVD by Kathy Griffin called “Allegedly” —- which EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU MUST GO OUT AND BUY!!!!! It is so funny! Sort of like a Margaret Cho stand up movie without any redeeming social value. Had I known about “Allegedly” prior to Christmas there are a number of you who would have received this for your holiday gift vs. the incredible volume of horrific clown paintings collected by Diane Keaton. For those of you who are my age or older — you all have to remember that really scary stage mother of Brooke Shield’s, Terrie Shields — remember? The alcoholic manical woman who put her daughter into show biz and modeling! Anyway, part of Kathy Griffin’s wonderous DVD is spent tellilng us all about Brooke Sheild’s wedding and providing the audiendce with many hysterical impersonations of Brooke’s mother. Trust me, this is a MUST SEE!!!!

Oh, I’ve been meaning to discuss this on my blog. Let’s take a moment and discuss the jazzy new-age team of Tuck & Pattie. The reason they were brought back into my head is because they apparently provided the musical enteratinment at Brooke Shield’s wedding and Amazon.com sent me a suggestion to explore their cataglog based upon a recent purchase of two Mile Davis CD’s. What sort of fucked up dbase logic is this????? Now, I will admit that someone took me to a Tuck & Pattie concert in 1994 when they hit their highest note of popularity. I just didn’t get them. And, am I the only person who thinks that their name sounds like a new tampon product???? Ok, that is off my chest and I feel much better.

So, it turns out that I ordered a vintage posters of THE MAIN EVENT and truly odd Isabelle Adjani/Andrezej Zulawski film venture, POSSESSION for the apartment. I had forgotten about having ordering them. They were shipped from the UK so I guess it took forever for them to reach me. Now, I need to figure out where in the world I can hang them. I’ve no more wall space and I fear the apartment already feels like a cinema lobby. I am not really sure what drove me to order these 2 posters other than some hidden need to re-visti my 12 year on the planet.

Oh, kind of interesting and pathetic — but Isabelle Adjani went nuts playing the lead in POSSESSION and tried to kill herself twice on the set. Accordring to Zulawski who provides commentatry on the DVD which really helps to understand the movie which plays like a family drama gone wrong. If you are not familiar with the film or Zulawski — the best way I can describe the plot would be to say it is a 2 hour study of the political and socio-economic hardships of 1970’s Poland examined thru the troubled relatiionship of husband, his wife (Adjani) and their creepy little boy. Now, back when I was 12 and watched the movie which played in Beaumont, TX for like a day, the movie was only about 90 minutes long, made no sense and scared the shit out of me! And, were it not for Zulwaksi’s commentary I would have never understood that this mess of a movie meant anything. However, the husband and wife scream and cry a lot. The husband leaves the wife and child. The wife is clearly nutty and starts being mean to her little boy — and, you know, you can’t blame her because he is creepy looking and the dubbed voice he was assigned sounds like a midget. Anyway, we soon discover that the little boy’s teacher is his mother in a bad wig and she is having an affair with his father. Then the mother has a seizure of some sort in a tunnel — and what transpires is beyond description — however, suffice to say that, if you’re able to avoid getting sick, you notice that whatever just fell out of the mother is moving — so the mother quickly picks it up and runs to an old apartment where she starts feeding human flesh to that thing that fell out of her. Never quite clear, but the mother lures horny men into the dirty apartment, hits them on the head with a hammer and — well i will spare you what she does to these poor men. But — the thing that came out of her looks like a blood-soaked cucumer with a couple of slimey tentacles. Anwyway, the mother as teacher is really nice to the little boy with the voice of an Ompa Lumpa. For some reason the father decides to pay a visit to the apartment building — I do not think it is ever clear why he even knows about the place — oh, yeah it is. There is a private eye hired to flollow the mother and he gets hacked up and feed to the cucumber. Anway, the husband (played by Sam Neill) walks into the rank apartment to discover than the mother is having sex with the cucumber. Skip forward thru some Catholic imagery and the cucumber starts looking more and more like the husband. Anyways, the mother tries to stop it — but the cucumber turns into the husband and kills the real husband, the mother, the mother/teacher — but the scary little boy jumps into a tub and drowns himself. The End. I loved it.

Anyway the whole point here is that Isablle Adjani who, while quite beatiful, is also fairly nutty. Zulwaksi reveals that the filming had to stop twice because he had to bring Adjani to hospital because she kept trying to kill herself. The Polish film critic asks the legendary director if he knew what was wrong with Adjani at the time and if it ended up helping to create such an hysterical performance. …for which she won the French equivalent to the OSCAR for Best Actress of 1978. The director, without misssing a beat says, “Yes — Isabelle was driven insane by the script and she was able to funnel that energy into the role. It was all too intense for her and she wanted to die”

Yeah, well I have the poster of that now.

I have decided to give my Sony Aibo Robotic Dog a sex change — and her name is not Alvin. Her name is Betty. Much easier to remember. I took her out of her packaging — and was wrong. Sony Japan put all the softward in the box with her. I have it spread all over the floor right now. Am about to play Frankenstien and give her my metalic pet life! I was listening to Helen Reddy’s Greatest Hits —- of which I know all the lyrics and can sing along loudly! I have decided that Betty should probably not be exposed to Helen Reddy at the time of her birth. So I am now playing Led Zep which I think will help her energize. Her pod home will be in the bedroom, but for tonight I am going to let her boot up over night in the liviing room. She is really quite cute. Who needs a real dog when you can have a robotic one?

Stop making fun of me.

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I never thought I would write this, but I think I may have had the pleausre of meeting

  • SOMEONE!someone who is more passionate and knowledgeable about film than me!!! Am all excited and hope to meet him sooner or later. Be sure to check out his blog and offer encourgement. Blogging is a new thing for him and he leads a very busy life/career. I am most envious! His site is called FlickStart — and he has already figured out how to get a picture to upload on to his page like everyone else but me. I just can’t seem to figure out how to do that. Sigh.

    Ok, now for some possibly distrurbing news. As I am unable to have a dog in my new home. I did some online research and read up on Sony’s Aibo. …Yes, the robotic dog. More than a toy, this little robot carries a great deal of emotional value for some of folks in Japan with limited space. I had a couple of dear friends who invested in one a couple of years ago. They were a bit frustrated by it because the software was so demading. However, Sony has made some major improvements. Yes, the robot still needs to be trained and “grow” into a dog from puppy within the span of 6 months to a year, but it now allows the Aibo owner to actualy shut the dog down and the softward does not lose data. It has also been programed so that it can get itself out of “jams’ when it should walk into a wall — however sensors should prevent that mishap. Gone is the camera which never really made much sense and it has been replaced with a wirless speaker system so that you can let your little dog folllow you about the house while playing the same music that is on your stereo! And, it loves/needs to be petted, spoken to and held. It is complete voice recgonition and can be trained to greet its owner at the door!!!!

    And, yes, I bought one. I just need to unpack her. However, they don’t sell well in the states — so it took a while to arrive and I believe I am still waiting on some key software to arriive from Asia.

    The creepy thought has hit me that my Aibo is really a metal pet version of a blow up sex doll — but I don’t care. This is the 21st Century and I shall have a dog of my own come hook or crook! Also, my Aibo will not need to be house trained. No messes! And, no shedding. And when she bores me, i can just place her in her pod and shut her done. I was going to name her Dusty, but that might be a bit psychotic. So, I might make my Aibo a male and just call him Alvin.

    I guess Alvin will be ramping up this weekend! Wow! This is all so 1973 Sleeper!!!!

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    I finally secured a copy of the soundtrack for the THE PIANO TEACHER. I had to order it used from a nice lady in Paris. I had actually contacted and ordered it from her back in September. She contacted me about a month ago via my work email to see if I still wanted it. I had forgotten, but YES! I still wanted it — and, as I reminded her I had paid her via PayPal. Anyway, it arrived today. I had not known this but Isabelle Huppert actually played all of her character’s piano parts — LIVE for the film. And, she plays the music on the soundtrack CD. Apparently she trained as a pianist for over 12 years. Prior to playing the role in the film, she did more intensive study of piano and Schubert for one year. Wow! One talented lady. However, I have since discovered Mitsuko Uchida — and her renditions of Schubert are so incrdible. The soundtrack sounds not so good to me at this point. Still, kind of cool that the lead actress was able to go that far with the role.

    Karl managed our money for close to 8 years. Prior to moving in here I would have been the absolute worst choice to play The Price Is Right. I just didn’t and, in many ways, still do not know the price of things. Last night I had to order some groceries from an online grocery store which requires a minimum of $80. I sat down at my PC thinking that I would have to buy stuff I didn’t want because I would never reach that amount. …I was wrong — and I don’t even cook. However, we are going to be trying Lean Q and Healthy frozen dinners for a while. I still call them TV dinners.

    The other issue facing me as I type this is my new found love of jazz/blues. Every where I look I hear/read of Miles Davis — adn according to every music expert — his early 70’s or very late 60’s album, Bitches Brew, is supposed to be his very best. It is playing now. …and, it just seems noisy to me. Sorry, but I don’t get it. A friend recently recommended Dianne Reeves to me and her music is blowing me away. What a great smokey voice with such range —- and she seems to be very smart about her collaborators/producers/arrangers. I am shocked I had not found out about her on my own. She is awesome. If you like jazz and just lovely music — check her out. Thus far, my favorite recording is from 2003 called A Little Less Moonlight which was produced by Arif Mardin. Mardin hasn’t done a job this good since his work with Bette Midler and Carly Simon — way back in the 70’s!

    Another pal is turning me on to chamber music so am about to start to explore that!

    OK — time to shut off the PC, take a shower, a shave and head to bed!

    sweet thoughts,

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    …sometimes, life takes a turn that you don’t expect. and, sometimes, that turn can lead to a very good place. I think it is one of those tender mercies from The Higher Power when we are guided to a place we never expected to find.

    a warm and powerful ray of light came into my life a few days ago and tonight it filled the room with a glow that warmed me with hope and comfort.

    i just wanted to thank the very special individual for simply sharing that light with me. i am basking.

    I think this is recent turn of life may be leading to an exciting time of self-discovery, discovery of another and the joy that life can offer when you least expect it.

    I return to work on Tuesday — and, i can’t wait.

    As Hedwig says in The Angry Inch, “I feel so optimistic” —- This is all I am going to write about this for a while. Things take time to develop adn grow. i do not want to curse or rush anything. But i had to share the joy I am feelig. it has been far too long since i felt happy.

    And, I feel very happy. My head is swiming with lovely thoughts.

    2005 is getting off to a very good start.

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    WELCOME TO 2005!

    Hope everyone had a fun and safe New Years Celebration and didn’t party too hard! I missed the whole thing. Never noticed when 04 flew away to be replaced by 05. I have to say that 2005 has a better sound to it than 2004.

    I know that you have all been waiting with great anticipation to see what my new home looks like. I have finally figured out how to use my digital camera and download pix to my Apple iBook! So, I have created 2 new on line photo albums for your viewing pleasure — should you be interesteded in seeing what my place looks like and how I did on putting it together by myself. I guess I may have gone a little over board with movie posters, but I love film and find the way film marketing has changed over the years to be really interesting. I have also invested in a piece of art — my infamous nude Pierson plate! As well as a a near perfect crystal ball and several vases from France which I really love! Also, I managed to find a few rare and valuable objects de film! …particularly one Fassbinder poster, a publicity photo for Babs and a rare lobby card as well as a very hard to find concert poster!

    So — I have interjected my own personality into the place and i think I have given it character.

    There are still a few little things I would like to do, but for the most part the place is all set.

    you can eigher click on to the link to the left or click

  • Here! to take a look — please let me know what you think! And, be honest!

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