I have no regrets about my weekend! Tho, I do believe my doctor feels I did a bit more than he would like to see me doing at this time regarding physical activity. Oh, your minds are so dirty! By physical activity I mean walking too much and too far from home. He might be OK with that once we meet in his office. At this time, it looks like I will not be seeing him until next week, but I see the other doctor on Wednesday.

I will follow his guidance, because whenever I decide that he is being overly cautious it bites me in the ass!

Jon made a comment regarding Almodovar’s latest film, BAD EDUCATION, to my post from yesterday. And, I agree with him. However, I have to say that the farther I remove myself from having watched the film — the more I am appreciatiing it. As I was watching it, I found the plot twists and turns to be a bit annoying. I guess I was wanting to see him explore the more political side of the story as it is so very close to the current horrors we keep hearing about a number of wayward priests. That, however, was not Almodovar’s concern or focus —- he had an interesting cinematic story to tell and he crafted a unique way of “telling” that story with an unusual choice of cast. Now, I find myself wanting to watch it again. I guess I will be plugging in the DVD again tonight!!!

Once again, I am puzzled as to how the OSCARS could have ignored this film. There is such a great lack of interest in new ideas of expression or unusal perspectives from off the well worn path of the mainstream. If he had made a sweet and sentimental film about a wholesome relationship between a priest and a sad little boy — and had cast someone like Mel Gibson in the role of an unconventional priest and that child who saw dead people as the sad boy — we’d be looking at the big OSCAR winner. …pathetic.

…if you ask me.

January 31, 2005. Uncategorized.

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