I have added a new photo album featuring pix of new aquisitions to the Pad-O-Matt. Just scroll down and
look for the link on the lowere left side of my blog page! …I know that you’re all DYING to see my wonderous
additions to my home! I need to be very cautious — the place already looks like a warped cinema lobby, but if I am not careful, I am going to have a Barbra Shrine in my home. Not cool and likely to scare visitors. Already, the kitchen has most
definitely taken on a sort of Barbra corner!

Snow is on the way! Bundle up with a cup of tea and watch movies on DVD! Well, if you’re living in the north east anyway, A friend told me earlier this evening that we are to get 24 inches starting tomorrow afterrnoon!

It is 2 degrees outside right now according to Yahoo. The heat is on!

No real news. Actually, that is not true. But I do not feel it approriate to blog about it. Yes, I am sometimes a private person.
Believe it or not. Well, I am supposed to be lying down and trying to fall asleep. So, am on my way to do so.

Oh, I FINALLY obtained a DVD copy of Catherine Breillat film that was banned all over the place last year, ANATOMY OF HELL. I will need to watch it again. It was interesting, well filmed and acted — but I am not sure what she was trying to say from an intellectual level. Her ideas seemed somehow jumbled and confused. Of course she was trying to detail the issues between men women — and, in the cast of this film, between a woman and a bi-sexual man whom the female character believes is living a gay lifestyle because he, “like all men”, hates women. However, that is a very simplistic view of the work and I need to watch it again. It is funny. I am in no way a prude — but I find her graphic depictions of sex and genialia rather off-putting. And, in the film, her close up’s were so extreme it was almost like a medical book on the pussy. It should be noted that the French porn star she has been using, Rocco Siffredi, has developed into quite an actor. He was actually quite movng in the lead male role. At least I am fairly sure he is French porn star. If someone out there knows and I am making a mistake, please correct me. He certainly has no trouble “performing” when required! Brillat has become somewhat infamous for having her actors actually have sex for her films. I know that this sounds like a cheap shock tactic —- and, in some ways, I guess it is. However, it does seem to genterate more powerful performances from the actors. Intersting film maker and even more interesting in that she presents a fairly radical and aggresive viw of female sexuality that we are not used to seeing in film.

OK — off to try and fall asleep!



January 22, 2005. Uncategorized.


  1. Jon replied:

    I am so not looking forward to snow this weekend. I’m in the burbs this weekend with the cat, and the driveway here is about the length of one acre (actually, it’s a little bit longer. The snow plow guy my mom hired years ago quit last year since he moved, and my mom hasn’t found a new one yet- and since I don’t feel like paying 100 dollars, probably more for a plow, it means I’ll be out in the driveway every 5 hours or so shovelling. Pray I don’t have a heart attack!

  2. Karyn replied:


    Ok so if you won’t blog about your news, do type it in an email or call to tell me about it… I have no life, don’t tease me with tempting tidbits! Are you ok? Do I need to worry? Arrgh…

    xxoo – k

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