Let’s talk a bit about “bedding” — not as a verb, but as a noun. When I moved to my own place I strived to put a new mark or look to the pad so that I would not be blasted in the face with memories every minute of the hour. As it turns out, it is all very much like that Bab’s song. Scattered pictures, water-colored and all

…but I digress. Anyway, I bought a lot of new stuff. I have posted about my new artwork — but I also made an investment in the most intimate of things — yes, my bedding.

I purchased a “douvet” — now, as I understand it, this is a sort of “sleeve” into which one puts a nice comforter. In the past, a comforter was a “bed spread” as far as I was concerned. It never occured to me that I should place it into an expensive cloth sleeve and button it up! However, as I move closer and closer toward the big 40 (2 more years to go) — I want to be a bit more sophisticated. Especially when it comes to my bedding. So, I purchased a lovely douvet and a very nice down-filled comforter. I do not know what the whole “down-filled” thing is about and I might be getting the terminology wrong — but it must be top notch considering the cost! At any rate — this shit ain’t cheap! I then purchased a set of bed sheets to die for! We are talking lush, soft, 1800 thread count bed sheets that invite one to swim into the luxury that only high thread count can provide.

Just to provide you with some perspective — I have used the same blanket for years. I do mean “years” — you see, it had a faux-silk fringe and all my life I have needed to run silk between my index finger and my thumb as I fall asleep. Actually, I think I even do this as I sleep. Anyway, I guess one could say that this was my security blanket.

This blanket, was, at one time, white with a cream colored faux-silk embroidered all around. Over the course of the years, it had turned to a sort of brown color with an ash faux-silk fringe — which came loose a couple of years ago. One night, after the loose fringe almost strangled Karl as he slept — he took a pair of scissors and cut off the loose bits of fringe. Well, after re-entering the single world, I finally decided to let the blanket go. I purchased a very expensive blanket with, yes, a true silk fringe. It took forever to find! But I found it! It will take a while to soften the silk up, but it will soften — and I shall rub it between my delicate fingers!

The other night as I lay in my nice bedding, I realized that my pillows were, well, flat. Yes, just like Sissy Spacek’s in CARRIE. However, I should note that while my pillows were flat — they were not dirty. They could have been taken to a prom. Non one would have needed to stare or laugh at them — Especially if the kids were just going to douse them in pig’s blood anyway. I mean, what did I care?

Well, I will tell you. I cared a great deal. I did not want clean, but flat pillows. So, I went to Macy’s. And, using their star rating system, — I purchased the most expensive 5 star pillows they had! I mean — these pillows are so special they came (and stay!) in their own protective cloth wrapping! They are soft, lush — and, yet, yes — somehow quite firm.

I guess what I am trying to say is that my bed is a floating piece of heaven. As a matter of fact, I bet this is as close to what Miss Liz Taylor sleeps in with her two faggy little dogs as I will ever get! As this is a “Sleep Member” bed — I would bet money that this is almost identical to what the Bionic Woman lady sleeps in! Except I should think that Lindsey Wagner would go with some form of American Indian print sheets — 800 thread count at most.

Now, if only I could sleep, have better luck with therapy and get my meds right! …I would be all set!

December 21, 2004. Uncategorized.


  1. snarl71 replied:

    I’m surprised you waited until the very end to mention that this is a Select Comfort Sleep-Number bed. So not only do you have the finest in linens, you can control the firmess at a moment’s notice!

    In total, your sleeping accomodations costs more than most people pay in rent for an entire year in other parts of this country.

  2. Jon replied:

    My mattress is from IKEA and it’s surprisingly comfortable. Who knew?

    Have you tried those conture foam pillow? They sound like a scam, but they are soooo comfortable!

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