The Universe Is Expanding

I keep thinking of that scene in ANNIE HALL where the depressed child asks the family doctor what is the point of doing anything in life when the universe is expanding — the doctor shrugs it off and advises the kid that the end of the earth is millions of years away and the kid’s mother screams to the boy, “the universe? What’s that your business?!?!?” …well, it went something like that. Sometimes it does all feel quite futile, but I guess the mother in Annie Hall was right — What’s that our business? We just need to keep moving forward and making the best of things.

In that spirit, the new apartment is starting to feel like a home to me. I am feeling more and more comfortable here. Now, if I can just adjust to living alone again. I figure that will fall in place soon.

I have decorated the place the way I want — which is something I’ve not been able to do in over 9 years. So, that’s cool. The only problem is that I am not sure I should be decorating a home. Interior decoration. What’s that my business!?!?

The motif is most definitely movies and music. I have always enjoyed looking at movie posters so I’ve managed to find many of my favorites, frame them and put them up. I have also always enjoyed looking at photos of people. Faces and bodies are interesting — so I’ve got several great iconic photographic images. Two of which are from the early 90’s Annie Leibovitz photographic exhibit. The nude shot of Keith Haring where he has painted himself and a living room just like his artwork and the infamous shot of John and Yoko lying on their living room floor —- Yoko looking happy and relaxed and John wrapped around her giving her a kiss. I also found a print of the Warhol work he created to promote Fassbinder’s QUERELLE. I also found that great shot of Janis Joplin sitting on the hood of her psychodelic car parked in San Franciso and one of my fave publicity shots of Barbra with Kristofferson from 1976. There are still a few pieces which have yet to come in. If I ever manage to install the software, I will post some pix of the place to my Yahoo photo albums.

I wish I had something of more import, humor or interest to report — but I don’t. Am sure I will soon, tho! Stay tuned!

Oh — does anyone know what happened to the “bold” and “italic” options within Blogger? I can’t seem to find them anymore.

kisses, matt

December 18, 2004. Uncategorized.


  1. Jon replied:

    John and Yoko? It’s more like a mass of hair mixed in with some skin. Did you frame the ‘Belle de Jour’ poster yet?

  2. snarl71 replied:

    Yay – you’re blogging again!

    But, for the record – from my recollection, the ONLY that thing I expressly forbid you to hang up in our apartments/condos was the enormous pink Barbra Streisand scarf…and I think your readers can understand why.

    Though, it is true that I relegate your Quadrophenia (?) poster to the inside of a closet because, well, the entire poster was enormous penis surrounded by women.

    Um, Matt…you’re gay.

  3. Underling replied:

    A big pink scarf? What’s that about?

    Matt, I can feel you design. I just ask one thing of you.

    I went out with this guy once who, in his bathroom, had two framed photographs, lit with candles, in a shrinelike manner.

    On was Marilyn and the other was Judy.

    It was simply too much gay for me to deal with.

    So, please don’t put up a framed Judy. If you leave that out, I promise I won’t make fun of the Streisand picture.

  4. Hot Toddy replied:

    I have never thought of hanging pictures of other people in my place. Maybe I should take down some of the pictures of myself and make room for someone else.

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