From My Apartment In The Sky

I am all moved in and back on line! The apartment is nice enough, but it really does not feel like home. I kept trying to do little things to make the whole move more fun or exciting. I have all new artwork on the walls — stuff that Karl would never have allowed in the house. I guess I am happy with the way it looks.

Being a lazy slob of late, I hired Merry Maids to come in and do a proper cleaning of the unit as I was unhappy with the job that Equity Management did prior to my move in. I wrote them a letter, but did not want to wait. It is all clean and pretty now. One could eat off the floors!

Oh, and it appears that there may be a frat house located in the unit next to mine. Ugh! Why me? However, security is aware and addressing. The funny thing is that I do not normally mind noise. However, when girls and boys start screaming and running round the hall way while my other neighbors scream at them is just too much. Oh, and this was all happening at 3AM. Anyway, I guess they will be up for eviction if there are any other incidents.

Still, I feel alone. At least I have made pals with a couple of the conceirge dudes.

My new stereo rocks, too, and I am typing for the first time on my way-cool iBook G4! I need to install the software for my way cool digital camera and post some pix!

Moved Karl into his North End apartment today. It is really cute and has a warm feeling to it that this place does not. Today was really rough on me. I have not been sleeping well. …and, I am just sad. Today as I was attempting to help Karl unpack I noticed little things that we had bought together or done together —- and I just wanted to cry.

So, I came home and slipped into a hot bath, with a nice candle burning and a rotation of Stevie Nicks, Jem and Sarah McLaughlin on the CD player. It was relaxing and now I am not as tired as I felt on my way home.

Did anyone out there know that Marianne Faithfull released a new CD?!?!?! Well, she did. I guess it is only out in the UK, but I ordered a copy. I really like it, tho much more downbeat than her last release. This new CD is co-written and produced by PJ Harvey. Interesting combination. The author of FIGHT CLUB wrote the liner notes. However, if you do not like PJ Harvey — you will want to avoid it.

I discovered a UK series via DVD called ALAN PARTRIDGE which is very funny.

I wish I had something more exciting to post. However, the last couple of weeks have revolved around moving, selling a condo and work — there has not been much time for anything else.

Now, I need to catch up on all my fave blogs!!!!

kisses from the 10th floor in Boston,

December 10, 2004. Uncategorized.


  1. Anonymous replied:

    i’m so glad you’re back online, i was really starting to worry. and you know me, worry is my middle name. the new place will feel like home soon enough. and go and join the frat house, i hear frat boys do gay things behind closed doors. or maybe that was just in my imagination.

    –thomas, kungfukittens.com

  2. Anonymous replied:

    Matt…Congrats on the new place…it WILL feel like home soon, it just takes time acclimating. Oh..and Im with Thomas….I KNOW I saw some frat boys in a gay porn once…they do all SORTS of things :O


  3. Will replied:

    Nice to see you back on line, Matt. I just drove back from NYC and the new production of Sondheim’s PACIFIC OVERTURES. I’ll blog about it. There’s some wonderful stuff in it and if you’re thinking of going to The City any time soon, I recommend it.

  4. Tim replied:

    Hey Matt, yeah rented places never feel quite like home …. but give it time and you’ll grow into it I’m sure. It normally takes me a couple of months to really relax into a place, and after that it just becomes a part of everyday life.

    Glad the iBook’s doing ok – I want to get a new Mac, as my G3 iBook’s lacking the oomph that it once had ….

    I’m glad you like Alan Partridge as well! It’s the kind of humour that doesn’t always cross the Atlantic very well isn’t it …. but you’re an international kind of guy I know 😉

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