Losing Dusty

Karl’s parents decided, that as much as they love Dusty (our little Shih-Tzu), they are just too elderly to care for a dog at this stage of their lives. Of course, I signed my lease at Charles River Park last Wednesday and I move this week. This means I have to find a caring/loving home for my baby, Dusty. When Karl told me that they couldn’t keep her — I had to swallow hard to prevent myself from crying. I never cry. I normally just throw up instead. However, I cried while I was taking a shower. I just feel so guilty and sad.

I have reached a point where I feel like everything that is happening has a reason to happen and that, ultimately, everything is going the right direction. As much as it hurts or as much as I might feel conflicted on certain levels — I realize that Karl no longer belong together as a couple. However, the only positive thing I could perspective I could develop around losing Dusty was the fact that the Coleman’s would be able to provide Dusty with more attention — and, she would actually have a better life.

Now, I simply have to find a home for her. I do not want to sell her. I just want to give her to someone whom I know will give her the best life possible. I sent out a mass email to all the people I know locally to see if one of them or someone who they trusted might want her.

If anyone out there is reading this and would like to have a beautiful little 10 month old pure bred Shih Tzu who answers to the name “Dusty” — send me an email and let me know. She is spayed and has had all of her shots. She is a bit spoiled. …My fault. But, with some love and patience — she could easily be trained out of some of her ways. She knows not to “do her business” on the floor, but she seems to forget that when she is excited/happy. She is used to being “crated” for the day while her owners go to work. She actually loves her crate — I think it is her “safe” place.

Recently, she has developed the love of sleeping at the foot of the bed. She sleeps the night and likes being close to people. She LOVES people and children. She is quite playful. She comes complete with a crate, doggie toys and a cintrinella collar — which prevents her from yapping too much. It sprays cintrinella when she barks. So, normally, we don’t even need to turn the collar on — we just put it on her and she calms down.

Anyway, you can see pictures of Miss Dusty if you click on to my photo album link.

Keep your fingers crossed for me — and, for Dusty.

November 28, 2004. Uncategorized.

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