Adapting to a Cell Phone Life

…may just be harder for me than most. However, I have got to get a grip! …on my cell phone! I will be moving into my swingin’ single’s pad (read: my sad sack alone home) on Thursday and I am not getting standard phone service. I upgraded my cell phone to a high end model so that it would become my home phone as well as my mobile.

The problem seems to be that I forget about it. As an example I went to a movie, turned it off like a good film-goer. Well, it stayed off for almost 3 days. I only thought of it because I noticed the charger wire on the kitchen counter. And, at 11:41 PM — I just realized that it has been on vibrate in my bag (messenger type purchased in Manhattan. It is most cool, but I digress) —- anyway, if this is to be my sole link to the outside world when I am in my home I need to remember it exists. UGH!

Just about everything is packed. Karl was out all day shopping for furniture and stuff for his new place in the North End. He got in at about 6pm tonight. We ended up walking over to a Thai restaurant together. We were chatting (and eating) when he was telling me something and called me “baby” —- I corrected him and reminded him that I was no longer his “baby” and he needed to change the way he addresses me. I didn’t mean it to come out as cold or insensitive, but I could just hear myself sounding like an asshole professor.

Then, as we were walking back to the mostly packed up condo — we stopped at a 7-11 store. We started talking about an old episode of a favorite show of ours. We were going to watch it, but when we got back I realized it was packed up to be moved.

I think we both felt a bit blue tonight.

We came home and watched the British DVD of Boy George’s West End production to “Taboo” —- which seemed to have been filmed on a shoe string budget with poor sound equipment. And, the play looked like it might have been fun if you were there, but the plot floated above the head’s of the audience and the cast. I liked the music, tho. It kind of reminded me of one of Ryan Landry’s Orphan PTown productions. Always fun, but maybe not always so very good.

November 27, 2004. Uncategorized.

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  1. Tim replied:

    I saw Taboo when it toured, and I have to say I thought it was abysmal. Hopefully the recording you’ve seen has got some of the big names in it, so maybe it’s a little bit better than what I had to sit through …..

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