Pussy Ray of Light

Well, those annoying porn pop-ups have returned to the PC.

However, I am being spared the whole granny porn pix! Now,the pop-up sites I am seeing show a ray of light which diffuses to a bright light emitting from a fake-titted woman’s pussy. I guess this is attractive to the average straight dude.

I suppose it could also come in handy for the naked balloon-titted woman if the lights in her condo go out.

November 23, 2004. Uncategorized.


  1. Anonymous replied:

    a light emanating from a pussy. do you suppose it was a message from God? perhaps her sqeeze box was blessed and fucking her begat the “user” wonderful gifts.

    –thomas, kungfukittens.com

  2. Jon replied:

    perhaps the bush adminitstration is trying to brainwash you

  3. Underling replied:

    She should probably go see her doctor. I’m pretty sure that when light starts shining out of your pussy you’ve got some sort of STD.

  4. Hot Toddy replied:


  5. Tim replied:

    You won’t get any of that on your iBook Matty! Just say NO to Granny Porn!!

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