Divorce Gifting

I was thinking tonight of the many wedding gifts I have purchased for friends over the years. True, I never married — but Karl and I were together a long time. And, you know, it is when you break up that you really need a “pick me up” or practical gifts.

Most marriages end in divorce, too. So, why not give a person a gift when he/she divorces?

I mean, when you’re getting together to build a united life — everything is just wonderful. You do not need to be gifted. When you’re breaking up all sorts of problems come up — not to mention the searching of the soul and trying to determine where you want to go from here. This is when a person needs to be gifted and granted only the best of wishes! Dammit!

This is as bad as that screw up the Creator made when he decided to start us off in life as babies and take us out as smelly, old people. Everyone knows that she must have meant to have us start out as unwanted old people and then we could “grow” into being cute, stupid and loved.

I just don’t know…


November 21, 2004. Uncategorized.


  1. Underling replied:

    Hon, just let me know where you’re registered. I’ll buy you that exquisite gravy boat you always thought you needed but couldn’t afford.

    Congrats on the new Apartment. I’ll be on the apartment hunt myself 01/01/05, so keep your fingers crossed that I can find one with hard wood floors and a washer dryer or I’ll never have clean clothes.

  2. Jennirhiow replied:

    hmm… never ever thought of a divorce gift… but it’s good, no? giving that person something to cheer him or her up? good idea….

  3. Anonymous replied:

    Karl here:

    That sounds like a brilliant plan (divorce gifts)…and not just because I’m in one! It makes complete sense. Most people live together before getting married and already have appliances and furniture. But when you split up, both spouses/partners lose 1/2 of their belongings.

    Where do I register?

  4. Kim replied:

    There are a lot of traditions we need to think about changing. Personally, I am all for doing eulogies for people while they are still alive and around to here them.

  5. Anonymous replied:

    Funny, as I read this I remembered a deal my bridesmaid and I made at HER wedding with a gay friend of ours – he said he’d phone us up in ten years when we’d filed for divorce and take us out to celebrate. Neither of us are planning divorcing our men but not many people do, so it’s good to know he’s on standby lol! Flying-Kiwi.diaryland.com

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