Joni Mitchell in a Hat and Rufus Wainwright in Drag

I’ve been listening to a lot of Joni Mitchell lately. I love her last 3 CD’s — where she basically has re-recorded some of her classic songs and added full tilt orchestration. Her voice has weathered and all of this somehow changes the meaning of each song ever so slightly. Last night, her singing was driving Karl crazy. He kept saying, “I know I should like her, but I can’t stand her!” …Which is hard for me to understand because I just think she is almost perfect.

However, perfection is reserved for BARBRA. …Babs accepts nothing less! …And, of course, this is the main problem with her recent work. A bit of imperfection makes the performance more accessible and human. Nothing in life is perfect. And, nothing is easy. Memo to Barbra!

Rufus Wainwright’s sequel to his brilliant CD of last year came out today. I don’t like it. I am very disappointed. I do not see the connection between this new recording and the last one. I mean, it is not a bad recording. For most artists it would be fantastic, but I expect more from Rufus. Oh well, he does look quite pretty in drag on the cover and in the little CD booklet. I’ve never thought of him as pretty, but he pulls it off.

I think the condo is sold! Apartment hunting starts Thursday night!! I am not sad anymore. I am even a little excited. I am a bit scared. I have never liked being alone. So that part scares me. However, I think I may have met some nice folks via online. I just haven’t met them in person yet. I wish I could blink my eyes and see where I will be and how I will feel in a year.

One thing is for sure — the adventure is about to begin!

November 16, 2004. Uncategorized.


  1. Anonymous replied:

    hang in there hon, you are on the right track. i have every faith in you.

    thomas, kungfukittens.com

  2. Jon replied:

    Really? The thought of having roommates totally nauseates me! I love living by myself.

  3. Will replied:

    I stand with Karl on Joni–I could never take her voice and style–at any phase of her career.

    Matt, best of luck as you set out on your own. I’ve had to start over a couple of times myself. It’s a great adventure and can lead to wonderful things.

  4. Tim replied:

    Wow … the adventure starts here! It must be daunting, but then fear often goes hand in hand with excitement doesn’t it, so I can understand your attutude. Good luck!

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