Packing and Purging

For some odd reason, I ended up staying up till 4am watching Paul Morrisey’s WOMEN IN REVOLT staring Candy Darling, Jackie Curtis and Holly Woodland. It was not good. I guess the thing is after hearing so much about these Warhol ‘girls’ — I found it interesting to watch them make up lame commentary about the women’s liberation movement. At the heart of all of Paul Morrisey’s work is a politically and socially conservative. I couldn’t help but wonder if he was using ridiculous and drug-addled drag queens to make fun of the liberation and civil rights of women —- or, maybe he was just uninspired without Little Joe. Anyway, I watched the whole thing.

Candy Darling really was quite pretty. Holly Woodland was soooooo good in TRASH. She just sucked in this one. Jackie Curtis was just scary. I purchased a rare copy of Candy Darling’s “auto-biography” several months ago. I have not yet read it, but it is encased in a cushy pink vinyl girl’s diary —- complete with a key and girlish script. Look forward to reading it. I think it may be a reproduction of her actual journal kept during her time as a Warhol Superstar and beyond. Should be a fun/interesting read.

Spent all of today packing things up and tossing things out. I am feeling quite optimistic now. This is an opportunity for me to sort of start over! So, I rid myself of many things I have been dragging around for years. …Yes, friends, one of those things was my Cher Head. I hope Jenny, my best friend from my high school/college days will understand. She gave it to my on my 21st birthday. Somehow it seemed fitting to let her go on my 38th.

It looks like I may have connected with a few guys via OutInBoston.Com for possible friendship or/and dating. Hope to meet a couple of them soon. That is a good thing because over the years I have just about lost all contact with my gay pals in the city. — the precious few I’ve remained in touch with now live in California, or New York. So, I need to make some new friends and have some fun!


November 14, 2004. Uncategorized.


  1. Anonymous replied:

    This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Lubin replied:

    Cany Darling is absolutely great in Women in Revolt. Although she is also brilliant in a little-seen film called “Some of My Best Friends Are”. It’s not on release unfortunately but plays around the GLB film festivals occasionally.

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