S.A.T. Revisited

I voted. Now, all I can do is hope that we will not have another 4 years of Bush leading the US. We are hated enough as it is. I wonder — does anyone know Bush’s IQ?

I know that Boston is not a major metropolis like a New York or an LA, but Boston is a fairly significant city with a good amount of citizens, world-wide business and a whole shit load of universities. Imagine my surprise as I waked up to vote this morning and was handed a form in which I had to shade in the oval spaces for the candidates I choose. “Be sure to shade them in completely and in the black ink or pencil provided in the booth” the 1,000 year old lady advised. Oh my God! I would have, at the very least, expected one of those old crank machines. Suddenly it felt like the 80’s all over again. Odd. I was the 10th person to vote in my district, but there were about 80 people in line behind me. This is bound to be an interesting election. However, I have a feeling that Kerry is not going to get it. I only voted for him because I’d rather him than George, Jr.

Oh, for those of you who love Amy Sedaris — she interviews herself in the new edition of INDEX magazine and it is hilarious!

November 2, 2004. Uncategorized.


  1. Anonymous replied:


  2. Jon replied:

    Hey- I was wondering what happened to you. When I clicked on my link list to check out your blog yesterday, it was blank!

    Anyway, I voted, and felt awful voting for a man I don’t resepct, vs a man who has been an idiot the past 4 years. Still, I hope Kerry pulls through. Since I have Wednesday off, I’m still up, but i don’t think they are going to know for a while. I should just go to sleep!

    You may want to use a different comment service, like haloscan, or the old one you used (enation), so people who don’t have blogs don’t have to register with Blogger just to leave comments. Just a suggestion. Oh, and don’t forget a link list!

  3. Will replied:

    Hey, Matt–nice to see you back. For about two days I couldn’t get a connection to the blog.

    My beef with the voting process this yer was the flimsy little voting stations taking four people each with no privacy and, here in Roslindale, with very bad lighting. I didn’t mind the “bubble” ballots when I realized that Massachusetts can have a recount if necessary because there’s a paper trail. But there IS something cheesy about the whole thing now.

  4. Underling replied:

    Like the design change.

    Oh, if we had only elected Kerry yesterday…the world would be such a happier place.

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