Taxicab Confession…

I think due to a blend of personal stress, a bit of depression, work pressures and a poor quality of sleep —- I am just really exhausted. I had a long, but productive day at work. However, I have a long way to go before I catch up, and, tomorrow I have to leave early for my weekly shrink appointment. There is a really nice event held by my firm in honor of administrative professionals — and it is happening tomorrow. I really want to go — and, because of my position, I really should be there. Anyway, I am worried that I will be too “beat up” after therapy to put on a happy face and go. We shall see.

Anyway, I took a cab home tonight because Karl has school and I was a little late. I wanted to get home to Dusty and I really didn’t feel like dragging my lazy ass to the subway and dealing with fellow commuters. So, I got in the cab. …and fell asleep. I woke up to an annoyed cabbie screaming at me to wake up. Do I hear HBO banging at the door to have me sign a release form????

Now, however, I feel a bit rejuvenate and have been playing with Dusty.

AND — my self-purchased Bday gift of a region-free DVD player arrived today! I am all excited! By the way, my bday has yet to arrive — I was feeling really down and decided to buy it now vs. waiting another 3 weeks.

Karl is going to be equally excited to discover that Dusty’s new and improved cintonella collar has arrived. Poor little Dusty gets a bit too excited and has quite a bark — this spraying collar seems to be the only thing that works. It really is not as mean as it sounds — not at all harmful. Just trains her to not bark when it is on.

Oh, and today I ate one of those horrid business meeting sandwiches with a soda. Odd noises started to emit from my throat. It sounded like I was possessed by the devil. However, I do not think that was the case as my head did not spin and I failed to projectile vomit. I guess it was just gas.

I’m gassy.


October 19, 2004. Uncategorized.

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