Sick Puppy!!!

I am worried for our little Dusty. I think she may be a bit under-the-weather. She is far too relaxed and lazy with me — just wants to be held. …And, then of course there was the fact that she threw up and peed in her cage.

As Karl and I fight our demons — I think I tend to project on to the little puppy. I worry for her too much and am very needy with her. However, being that she is a bit of a little drama queen, she seems to enjoy it.

Well, no real adventures to report. No one has flashed his nub of a penis at me, no more birds have fallen dead in my path — and my subway rides today went off without much of any issues. Well, OK, there was one slight issue. I left the house at 6:30am and, for some reason, my train was full — however I was able to secure a seat. This pretty young woman (probably in her mid-twenties) dressed in a very nice Ann Taylor suit with a mannerly coiff — tapped me on the headset with perfectly manicured fingernails. I turned off Goldfrapp, and looked at her. She asked me if I could be a gentleman and give up my seat to her. …I said no and focused on Goldfrapp’s awesome performance of TWIST.

I am really excited about the new Barbra movie headed our way for the holidays, but I have been thinking about some of the things I have read by some very obsessive fans who managed to secure tix to see one of those rough cut previews where the audience provides feedback on what works and what doesn’t. Anyway, I guess they have created a most grande entrance for Babs in the movie where the camera pans from her toes to her curly-permed head. However, there were several mentions of a funny scene with Babs demonstrating a fuck chair to DeNiro, Paltrow, Ben Stiller and that girl who plays his fiance — I guess the scene got a lot of laughs, but the studio is wanting a PG-13 rating vs. R-rating — so this scene may have to be cut. I have to confess I sort of want them to cut it. I mean, Babs is a great comic actress, but I don’t want to see Barbra on a fuck chair! I want to see her in gorgeous clothes being bitchy!!!! Oh well, we shall see. If anyone knows anything more — please email me!!!

Thomas — I think you need to fly to Boston to see this movie with me and Karl! It will be THE EVENT of the year! …Well, it will be the event of my year. I get all excited and can’t stop smiling as I watch!

Like, when I was 9 and my mom took me to see A STAR IS BORN and she wanted me to go buy us a soda, gave me the money and I just sat there — clutching the tender in my little hands with eyes glued to the screen for the full 2.5 hours. Oh, and I got my first real hard-on watching Kristofferson in the tub, but that is another blog.

Or, when all of my stoner friends took me to see YENTL on opening night back in 1983 — an Asshole by the name of Hollis, managed to know just when to cover my eyes so that I missed Bab’s first appearance on the screen. By the way, every Barbra film builds up to “THE BARBRA MOMENT” — usually cued by music and lush panning shots. Anways, I bit Hollis and made him pay me more for his weed that week! …the sorry bastard!

kisses from boston!

October 13, 2004. Uncategorized.

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