Rimming Should Never Even Come Into the Picture Regarding Puppy Love!

OK, so this post may contain more info that you would ever want to know about me or my precious little puppy, Miss Dusty, — but something most disturbing happened today. I was violated by my puppy.

See, I got home, slipped out of my clothes and was ready to take a shower. Then I thought to myself, “Let me boot up the stupid PC because it takes approx 20 minutes to get it up and running. So, there I was — kneeling naked infront of the PC going thru all of the stupid prompt errors we now get — and, then I noticed Dusty was licking the bottoms of my feet. Now, granted I did get a pedicure while in NYC, but I would rather Dusty not lick the bottom of my feet. So, I stayed focused on the PC and said, “NO,Dusty!” …I continued to sift thru the many odd screens that pop up as we try to get on line. And, then it happened. So fast — I could not predict or even stop it. Yes, with one swift push, Dusty inserted her puppy tongue into a place where a pet owner’s pet’s tongue should NEVER GO!!! I jumped about three feet into the air with the squeal of an 8th grade girl and Dusty barked and ran to her cage.

It took several soul-searching moments to come to the realization that my puppy had just attempted to rim me. This was most certainly not in the Shih Tzu training manual! To be honest, I am not sure I will ever be able to trust my puppy again.

So, the next time any of you are around our puppy, keep the above in mind as she tries to kiss you. — AND, whatever you do, DON’T TURN YOUR BACK AND BEND DOWN! She will take advantage!

I did take a shower and am feeling a bit better. Dusty has been trying to win me back by crying for me to pick her up. …which I did. I guess she might not have realized what she did. Oi!

…Welcome to my world of bestiality.


October 4, 2004. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. g8s replied:

    way too much information… but strangely, I want to hear more… ^_^

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