A Perfectly Fucktious Sunday!

Ok, so I have been trying to create a link to a posting by Jerome regarding Victorian-era gay erotica, but with no luck! Tim, if you should pop by my page please help me and post a link in the comments section! However, just stroll by Tim‘s blog and follow his link! A fun read with a cool new variation of the word “fuck” I had not known before! However, Jon has been kind enough to share a true erotic adventure of his own. I tell ya, these are the things of which great porn are made!

By the way, Karl and I saw A DIRTY SHAME this afternoon. My second viewing as I had promised I would not see it without him and then broke my promise when my pal, Alan, came for a visit. Anyway, is it just me or has anyone else noticed a number of references to Goddard in the movie???? I was explaining this to Karl on our walk home —- why? I do not know as I realized that he did not know who Goddard was and I do not really think he cared to know. Oh well.


October 3, 2004. Uncategorized.

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